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All The Ways Affiliates Can Promote Streamate

There are multiple ways that webmasters can promote Streamate. If you’re a Streamate model, you can simply drive your traffic to your Cam Models link, and no affiliate program is required. Models also have the ability to promote the Streamate model referral program, which is only open to performers. Streamate also has their MTree platform, and CamBuilder, their whitelabeled site builder. Here’s all the details on promoting Streamate.


Streamate MoneyTree

Mtree / MoneyTree / SexTracker: Official Streamate Affiliate Program

MTree is somewhat of a legacy project, and Streamate will try to sell affiliates on CamBuilder (their whitelabeled site builder) instead. Even though Mtree is a legacy project, it’s still fully functional. If you want to promote an actual affiliate program, this is the only way to go about it. Here’s all the details.


What Does MTree Pay?

The program pays $40 per signup or 30% rev-share.


Promo Tools Available

MTree supports iframe embeds, free hosted galleries (FHGs), full-page ads, half-page ads, various static banners and text-ads with conversion-optimized anchor-text. Please note: As this is somewhat of a legacy project, none of the ad types are being updated. The iframes (who’s online) are still current, and all the models featured in the iframes are actually online on Streamate.


Also Promote Streamen and TSmate

If you’ve got traffic looking for camboys and TS models, it’s also possible to promote Streamen and TSmate. As the names imply, Streamen only features male models, and TSmate only features transgender models.



CamBuilder: Streamate Whitelabeled Site Builder

CamBuilder is the official whitelabeled site-builder for Streamate. A “Whitelabel” is a rebranded product and service. In this case, a rebranded version of Streamate. CamBuilder makes it easy to customize and build your version of the site. Any sales that occur on your rebranded version earns you a percentage of the revenue. Streamate takes care of all the technical aspects, hosting and payment processing. All you need to do is design and build.


How Much CamBuilder Pays

CamBuilder offers several different options to choose from. Here’s the different commission packages available:

  • 35% Lifetime Revshare
  • $75 PPS + 30% Lifetime Revshare
  • $30 PPS +30% Lifetime Revshare
  • $100 PPS
  • $40 PPL


CamBuilder Promo Tools

Here are the following promotional tools provided by CamBuilder:

  • Link
  • Full Page
  • IM Banner
  • Live Model
  • Category Banner
  • Banners
  • Prerolls


Streamate Model Referral Program

Streamate performers can also promote the Streamate model referral program. Sorry affiliates, this is available for models only! The model referral program is sort of complex. Streamate offers a 10% revshare for the first five weeks. As per the video embedded above, if the performer doesn’t earn that much money in the first five weeks, they’ll extend the time-frame for that referral.


Streamate Cammodels Referral Bonus

Streamate models can also earn a referral bonus by linking to their cammodels subdomain. There are no special linking parameters required for this. In-fact, if someone else linked to your cammodels subdomain, you’d still get the bonus! The bonus is also way higher than any of the other revshares offered, making this the best route for Streamate models to go with.


Cammodels Referral Bonus: 20%-40%

There are two types of revshares offered, based on whether the new customers spend the money on your or a different webcam performer:

40% (Customer Spends On You): You’ll earn a 40% bonus on all the tokens the new customers you refer spends on you and your shows.

20% (Customer Spends On Other Models): You’ll also earn an additional 20% bonus on any money that the customers you refer spend on other models.


Building A Streamate Whitelabel With CrakRevenue

In addition to CamBuilder, it’s also possible to build Streamate whitelabels through CrakRevenue. CrakRevenue is an adult affiliate network with tons of offers to promote. It’s most well-known for the exclusive MyFreeCams affiliate program, which can only be promoted through Crak (different than the bring-a-friend program, and way better). Although this is an option, if you look at the commissions, it still makes more sense to build your whitelabels through CamBuilder.


Other Camming Affiliate Programs

Looking for more affiliate programs to promote? We’ve got them all in one place! Check out our affiliate marketing directory to see what other camming, clip and PSO sites offer affiliate programs. There’s tons of different networks to choose from, and each of them has different features, commission-types and promotional tools available.

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