SpankPay: Payment Processing Powered by SpankChain

SpankPay by SpankChain

SpankPay Powered by SpankChain

Adult-oriented cryptocurrency SpankChain has announced SpankPay, a payment processing solution that supports both cryptocurrency as well as fiat. SpankPay offers insanely low transaction fees and is chargeback resistant! Here’s all the details on SpankPay, powered by SpankChain.


SpankPay Quick Overview:

  • Easy: 1-click payments
  • Cheap: 0.5% transaction fee
  • Stable: Earnings are protected from volatility
  • Global: Tap into a global customer base
  • No Middlemen: Be your own bank
  • Irreversible: Chargebacks no more


More SpankPay Features:

Instant: SpankPay transactions are accepted instantly, allowing viewers to skip the congestion and lag of block confirmations.

Lowest Fees: SpankPay charges merchants 0.5% on transactions, lowering costs while increasing platform revenue.

One-Click Payments: Users don’t have to waste time entering personal data. Instead, they can make a purchase from any participating merchant with a single click.

ERC20 Support: SpankPay supports BTC, ETH, LTC, ZCash, Monero and most other top cryptos, as well as the ERC20 Token Standard

Developer SDK and Documentation: Easily manage your currency, two-factor authentication, API keys and web hooks.


Current Integration Partners:

SkyPrivate – SkyPrivate is a platform that enables models to charge for Skype shows, Discord shows and phone sex. Now SkyPrivate members can purchase credits using SpankPay.

JustForFans – JustForFans is a platform for fanclub subscriptions, clip sales, sexting and custom store items. Now JustForFans members can purchase credits using SpankPay.


SpankPay / SpankClips Integration

SpankChain has recently announced that SpankPay is going to be integrated into SpankClips, their adult clip site currently in development, even before they integrate it into SpankLive. Here’s the official announcement from SpankPay:

“SpankPay is intended to work across 100s of different sites, and we’ve chosen to use SpankClips to showcase our own SpankPay integration. We initially were planning to refactor the camsite,, to integrate SpankPay, but since development is already working in tandem on SpankClips and SpankPay, and SpankClips was built to incorporate SpankPay from the beginning, it will be the most efficient and safest path to launch.

SpankClips will launch Late Q1-Early Q2 in 2020, and its going to be amazing. Models across the world will be able to upload all of their existing and future content to sell for money that no one could ever take away from them. Money to reinvest in themselves, their friends and their fans.”

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