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Social Media Sites / Tips For Adult Performers

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with your fans and followers and promote your services. Most people have personal social media accounts, and therefore knows how to use it. Using social media for marketing is very similar to using a personal account. It’s just for a different purpose. Best of all, social media is 100% free. There are some challenges in the adult-industry, however. Not all the social media sites are adult-friendly. Luckily, there’s plenty that allow for adult content, and the ones that don’t can still be used for promotional purposes. Here’s information on how to market through the various social media sites.


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Adult-Friendly Social Media Sites

Here are all the social media sites that allow adult content.


AdultNode: Adult-Friendly Social Media Site

AdultNode is an adult-oriented social media site. It works very similarly to Facebook, with user accounts, pages and groups, but is geared towards porn and the adult industry. Because AdultNode is meant for the adult industry, you’ll never need to worry about your account getting banned or the site giving adult the boot.

Learn More: AdultNode – Social Media For Adult Content


AVN Stars

AVN Stars: Social Network an Fan Club Platform

AVN Stars is a social network and fanclub platform powered by AVN. Being an AVN product, it’s highly integrated into AVN’s site. They’ve also integrated it into their AVN Awards by requiring an AVN Stars account to be able to nominate or vote. Social features include a social feed, connections, messaging and stories. Outside of using it for promotion, models can also earn 80% from fanclub subscriptions, premium social media and any tips received.

Learn More: AVN Stars – Adult Fanclub and Social Network




Diverxity: Social Network For Glamour Models / Pornstars

Diverxity is a very interesting social network. There’s a public / promo / teaser aspect to it. There’s also a premium element to it as well, and you can make money through subscriptions, content sales and through other means. So not only is Diverxity a source of traffic and exposure, but it’s also a revenue source. Diverxity is most popular with the glamour modeling scene, but can also be used by pornstars, camgirls and other adult talent and producers.

Learn More: Diverxity – Glamour Modeling / Adult Social Network



NewTumbl: Adult-Friendly Tumblr Alternative

NewTumbl is an adult-friendly Tumblr alternative. NewTumbl formed in response to Tumblr’s ban of NSFW / explicit content. NewTumbl looks and behaves very similarly to Tumblr and will always be adult-friendly.  There’s an admin dashboard with an activity feed, the controls to edit the blog and the icons to create new posts. There’s also the publicly facing blog sub-domain.

Learn More: NewTumbl – Adult-Friendly Tumblr Alternative



OnlyFans – The Premium Social Network

OnlyFans is a slightly different social network. OnlyFans is a premium social network, that is also adult friendly. In order for people to be able to access your feed, they’ll have to first subscribe to your account for a monthly fee. The performer gets to set the fee. This creates a residual income from the monthly rebills. In addition the revenue, OnlyFans works and operates just like any other social network, with likes, commenting and messaging.

Learn More: OnlyFans – Premium Social Media Network



PleazeMe: Sexuality-Oriented Social Media

PleazeMe is a brand-new social network for adventurous adults, and is completely sex-oriented. PleazeMe is different than a lot of other adult social networks, as they’re focused on the learning and exploring of sexuality, and not necessarily just sharing explicit content. The site is setup with different worlds, and each world has it’s own intensity and what type of content belongs in said world. Here’s all the details on the PleazeMe social network.

Learn More: PleazeMe – Sexuality-Oriented Social Media Site



Switter: Social Network Designed For Sex Workers

Switter is a social network build specifically for sex workers. It was created in the wake of SESTA/FOSTA to give all forms of sex works the place to promote. Although it was designed specifically for escorts (including the listing section) camgirls, pornstars and others can take advantage of the platform as well. It’s built on Mastodon, an open source social media site that has a lot of similarities to Twitter.

Learn More: Switter – Twitter Alternative For Pornstars / Sex Workers



Sharesome: Private Social Network For Pornstars and Producers

Sharesome is a private social media network for pornstars, producers, agencies and fans. Because it’s designed for the adult-industry, you know they’ll never turn their back on NSFW accounts. Verified models are able to place links for their social media accounts, website, camming profiles and clip stores. They can also place a link to one of their sites or profiles underneath all the content posted on the site. There’s also a token system used to promote content on the site. Fans can also tip performers using the token system.

Learn More: Sharesome – Social Media For Pornstars and Producers


Twitter Marketing

Twitter – Best Social Media For Adult Performers

Twitter is by far the most popular social media site for adult entertainers. Twitter is adult-friendly, but remember that you’ve got to indicate that your profile is NSFW from the account settings. Failure to do so could get your account banned. And even though Twitter is adult-friendly, it’s important to realize that there is some type of content that is against their TOS. There’s also tons of Twitter tools out there and many networks offer Twitter integration. You can learn more about Twitter marketing by checking out the link below.

Learn More: Twitter Marketing For Pornstars


Mainstream (Non-Adult) Social Media Sites

Here are all the sites that don’t allow nudity / adult content. Even though they’re not adult-friendly, doesn’t mean they can’t be used for marketing. You just need to be extra careful on how you use these sites.



Facebook – World’s Largest Social Media Site

Facebook is the world’s largest social media site and one of the most trafficked websites in the world. Social media is not adult-friendly, but that doesn’t mean that adult performers can’t promote themselves through the network. The fact that it isn’t adult-friendly isn’t the largest concern though. Facebook is data-driven and really good at suggesting friends. So good, that Facebook has suggested adult personas to real-life friends before, potentially doxxing models. Learn how to protect yourself and market yourself through Facebook by checking out the link below.

Learn More: Facebook Marketing For Pornstars



Instagram For Camgirls

Instagram – Popular Photo Sharing Mobile App

Instagram is a very popular photo / media sharing app and network. Instagram isn’t adult-friendly, in fact “partial nudity” is even against their TOS. Pornstars can still promote through the platform though. You just need to be careful about the type of content being posted and the hashtags being used. Instagram is one of the networks that can also be monetized. There are networks that specialize in premium Instagram subscriptions. You can learn more about Instagram marketing by checking out the link below.

Learn More: Instagram Marketing For Pornstars

Sell Snapchat Username

Snapchat – Popular Photo / Video / Messaging App

Snapchat is a popular app for sharing photos, short videos and messaging. Snapchat posts only last for 24 hours, opposed to other social networks where the content remains available unless deleted. Although Snapchat technically doesn’t allow for adult content, that doesn’t stop Snapchat nudes from being very popular. Snapchat is also a source of income. “Premium Snapchat” has blown up and is becoming many models top sources of income. Snapchat subscriptions (monthly, annually, ect) and “lifetime access” is usually how Snapchat access is sold.

Learn More: Camgirl Premium Snapchat Guide 


Camgirl Tumblr Marketing

Tumblr – Adult-Friendly Micro-Blogging Platform

Tumblr is another adult-friendly social media site. Once again, you need to make sure to mark your blog as NSFW. With Tumblr, you can post photos, video embeds, text and other type of content. Tumblr tags are usually more safer than Twitter hashtags, as far as ghost bans go. If you’re photo-blogging, links can be added to the content, and even if reblogged the photos are still clickable. You can learn more about Tumblr marketing by checking out the link below.

Learn More: Tumblr Marketing For Pornstars




YouTube – SFW Video Marketing For Camgirls

YouTube is the largest video sharing site in the world. YouTube isn’t adult-friendly, but it’s still possible to promote through the network. In-fact, YouTube is perfect for many fetish models who are catering to fetishes that don’t necessarily require nudity. JOI / JOE for example. Even though the content doesn’t contain nudity, it’s a good idea to flag the content as sensitive. It’s also not the best idea to post links to explicit content in the descriptions.

Learn More: YouTube Marketing For Pornstars 




Pinterest – Popular Image / Video Pinning Site

Pinterest is a popular site for pinning photos, videos and links. Although videos and links can be pinned, the primary use is definitely photos. Although Pinterest isn’t adult-friendly, the site can still be used for promotion. You just need to be careful about not pinning explicit content, or pinning with links from web pages with explicit content. Watermarks is one way to promote through the site.

Learn More: Pinterest Marketing For Adult Performers



Kik: Texting / Messaging App

Kik is a very popular texting / messaging app. Messaging on Kik behaves very similar to texting, without the need to give out a phone number. Kik can be used as a marketing tool for webcam models and pornstars. It’s also possible to make money off Kik through selling sexting sessions, as well as Kik access (similar to selling other social media subscriptions). Kik has a group messaging feature which is helpful for reaching all your fans and customers on the network, without having to message them all individually.

Learn More: Kik For Camgirls – Marketing and Making Money


Adult Social Media Marketing Tips

Here are some tips for promoting adult services via social media


Promoting Through Sites That Aren’t Adult-Friendly

It’s important to realize that not all sites are adult-friendly (we list the ones that are and aren’t above). Just because a site isn’t adult-friendly, doesn’t mean that you can’t promote through them. It just needs to be careful about things. Staying within the TOS of the sites when it comes to posting content and linking to content will help keep your account from getting banned. This does make it harder to effectively promote through the platform, but it’s the only way to take advantage of these sites.


How To Avoid Shadow Bans (Avoid Automation!)

In social media, there is something that is called a “Ghost Ban” or “Shadow Ban”. This is where your account doesn’t get removed from the social media site, it just stops coming up in search and in other places (newsfeed, for example). Sometimes it might only be for non-followers, sometimes your content might not come up for followers as well.

Shadow bans usually occur when the social media site detects things that they consider spammy. This might include rapidly following / unfollowing people, posting duplicate messages, being spammy about hashtags, and the list goes on. One of the easiest ways to avoid ghost bans it to avoid automations. A lot of networks allow some sort of automated integrations (usually Twitter). A lot of these automations are insanely spammy. Outside of making your profile seem like spam, this gives you a greater chance of receiving a shadow ban.

More Info: How To Get Rid Of A Twitter Shadow Ban


How To Get Retweeted / Shared By Camming Sites

Many of the camming and clip sites will share and retweet your content. The policies on what type of content gets retweeted or shared varies from site to site, but there’s some tips for getting more shares. The obvious one, is to make sure that the social media post is promoting content or a show on their site. If it’s something generic or featuring a competitor, they’re probably not going to share. Also, if you’re only posting to their hashtag and only mentioning them (no competitors), your post is also more likely to be shared. Having good text, image, ect. also helps getting shared in general.


Use The Best Profile / Banner Artwork Possible

This should be an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many people neglect their avatar and banner artwork. It’s your avatar that’s going to be showing up in search, newsfeeds, ect. You want your photo to look insanely good and stand out. The same with your banner artwork. The banner can be used to give additional information. This might include icons or a list of sites you’re performing on or other relevant information.


Make Money Selling Social Media Subscriptions

Social media isn’t just a great marketing tool. It’s possible to turn it into a whole new revenue stream. This is done by charging for access to premium social media accounts. There’s even networks that specialize in this, and make it really easy to charge for subscriptions. They’ll even shoot notifications whenever there’s a new subscriber, or a rebill doesn’t go through. This makes managing subscribers insanely easy. You can learn more about selling social media subscriptions by checking out the link below.

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