Adult Models: Selling Social Media Subscriptions

Social Media

Make Money Off Social Media Subscriptions

Social media isn’t just a great marketing tool, it’s possible to monetize the networks directly. Selling access to social media is a great way for adult performers to build a brand new residual income stream. These premium social media handles also double as a promotional tool. There’s many networks that can be used to to charge for social media subscriptions. Some of these sites are geared exclusively towards this, and have great features such as rebills and notifications when there’s new subscribers or unsubscribes. Here’s everything you need to know about selling adult social media subscriptions.


Sites For Selling Social Media Subscriptions

Here are the sites for selling social media subscriptions. The directory indicates what social networks are supported by the various sites. Keep in mind that some of these sites specialize in the sale of social media subscriptions. Others allow for custom store items that can be used to sell  wide range of things, including access to social media subscriptions.

Site Snapchat Instagram Kik WhatsApp More Info
FanCentro Yes Yes No No FanCentro
IndieBill Yes No No No IndieBill
ManyVids Yes Yes Yes Yes ManyVids
Membershyp Yes Yes Yes Yes Membershyp


How Much Can You Make Off Social Media

The great thing about selling social media subscriptions is that it creates a residual income stream. In order to keep access, the customers will have to keep paying the monthly subscription fee. The greater the number of subscribers, the more the monthly revenue. As long as you’re active on the premium social network and doing everything to keep the subscribers happy, you should avoid drop-off while steadily increasing the number of subscribers. Thus creating a residual income stream.

Most of the networks dedicated to social media subscriptions have a really high model percentage. We’re talking around 80%-ish. That’s a really high percentage. So, it’s basic math of subscribers x monthly price x model percentage. If you can increase the number of subscribers by a certain number per month, the monthly revenue will increase by that much, month over month. 4-figures monthly is very feasible with some work and effort.


Social Media Can Be Used For Promotion

Not only can you make money off these social media subscriptions, but the same handles can be used for promotion. Since everyone who’s subscribed is a paying customer, you know they aren’t freeloading. This makes them some of the best people to market to, as well. You can use all these different networks to let your premium followers know when you’re going on cam or when you release a new clip.


Social Media Subscriptions Vs Fanclubs and Membership Sites

Selling access to premium social media accounts isn’t the only way to make money from subscription services. There is also fanclubs and membership sites available. There are advantages and disadvantages to going any direction. We’ve covered social media subscriptions in this post, so in this section we’re only going to touch on fanclubs and membership sites.

Fanclubs – There are some networks that specialize / focus on adult fanclubs. There are also some camming and clip sites that enable pornstars to offer fanclubs as a service. If you’re partnering with a clip or camming site that offers fanclubs, usually the content uploaded for sale is what is included in the fanclub membership.

Membership Sites – It’s also possible to build a membership site. Membership sites work very similarly to fanclubs, in the sense that it’s based off of monthly subscriptions. The difference is they’re a lot more proprietary, usually provide higher payout percentages, but without the benefit of network traffic. There are multiple website building platforms that allow performers to get started free of charge.

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