[RESOLVED] SkyPrivate Temporarily Discontinues FirstChoice Pay Payouts



This issue has since been resolved. FirstChoicePay payouts are now supported again.


SkyPrivate Temporarily Discontinues FirstChoice Pay Payouts

SkyPrivate, a Skype plugin for performers to charge for Skype Shows, has announced the temporary discontinuing of FirstChoice Pay payouts. As a response, SkyPrivate has dropped their fees for ACH, wire transfers and Bitcoin down to $0 until the FirstChoicePay funding is figured out.


What Is Going On?

Here is SkyPrivate’s explanation, in their own words:

Due to reasons beyond our control and related to technical issues of our bank, for the moment, we are not able to fund FirstchoicePay (former Payoneer) accounts.

We haven’t received yet an estimated time for solving this issue but we assure you that we are permanently in contact with the bank in order to fix the problem as soon as possible. Rest assured you will be informed when normal operations will be restored.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We assure you again that there is a temporary situation and both parts involved are working to shorten this delay.


Here Are The Current Alternatives, Mins and Fees:

  1. Paxum
    (Fee: $2.00 | minimum payout is $40 | not available in USA)
  2. Epayments
    (Fee: $0.00 | minimum payout is $40 | not available in USA)
  3. Bitcoin
    (Fee: $0.00 |minimum payout is $50 | network fee is paid by SkyPrivate)
  4. Wire Transfer
    (Fee: $0.00 | minimum payout is $1000 for models and $2000 for studios)
  5. ACH (Automated Clearing House)
    (Fee: $0.00 |minimum payout is $500 for models and $1000 for studios | available only in USA)


Right After Paxum Ditches US Personal Accounts

I found it very ironic that this announcement came right on the heels of Paxum discontinuing service of USA personal accounts. Talk about being a tough week for e-wallets and cashouts. Especially for United States performers. At least SkyPrivate offers the option of direct deposit for United States models.


Learn More About SkyPrivate


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