SkyPrivate Adds ePayService As A Cashout Option


SkyPrivate Models Can Get Paid Using ePayService

SkyPrivate, a platform / app for accepting payments for Skype shows and phone sex, has announced the addition of ePayService for model cashouts. Currently, the minimum payout for cashouts via ePayService is $40. The cashout option has already been implemented, and SkyPrivate models can start using it right away.


ePayService Doesn’t Support USA Models

It’s important to note that ePayService doesn’t support the United States of America, and currently cashouts are only available in EUR.


More Information On SkyPrivate

Interested in becoming a SkyPrivate model? You can either signup here or learn more about the network by checking out the link below. SkyPrivate is a platform for accepting payments for both Skype shows and phone sex. It works off of Skype and smart phone apps, with handy features that allow models to avoid freeloaders. Plus, get listed on the SkyPrivate directory.

Learn More: SkyPrivate – App / Plugin For Skype Shows and Phone Sex


More Sites Supporting ePayService

Looking for more sites supporting SkyPrivate for ePayService cashouts? We’ve got them all in one place! After FirstChoice Pay went out of business, it left a vacuum in available ways to accept cashouts. ePayService is one of those services that is filling the void and has been adopted by many companies as a result. See what other sites use ePayService for payments.

Learn More: Camming / Clip Sites Supporting ePayService

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