Podcast 42: Cardi-Bot, Europa Award Winners, Fetish Info and Sex Toys

Podcast 42: Robot Camgirl, Europa Awards, Fetish and Toys! In this episode, hosted by Empress Mika, we cover a lot of fetish content and a lot of toy content. We’ve compiled

Podcast 41: The Katy Churchill Episode!

Episode 41: Katy Churchill’s Pieces, Plus Camming News Calling this the Katy Churchill episode is no joke! Not only is she the host of today’s podcast, but she’s also got

Podcast 40: Ginger Banks Resigns, Camming Event Tips and More

Episode 40: APAC Drama, Camming and Domme Tips and More! Today, Alec Hardy is going to be hosting the live podcast. We go over the latest camming news, including continueing APAC

Podcast 39: SpyGasm Launches, MV Loft Season 2 and More!

  Episode 39: SpyGasm, MV Loft, Halloween Tips and More! This is our first podcast since switching back over to the pre-recorded news recap structure. We are planning on doing

Podcast 38: DivaTraffic Affiliate Program, New Jasmin Game and More!

Episode 38: DivaTraffic Affiliate Program, New Jasmin Game No real theme for this month. iWantEmpire had to cancel the podcast, so we’re just rolling on the camming news and updates

Podcast 37: FirstChoice Pay Resolution, Evil Angel Drama and More!

Episode 37: FirstChoice Pay, Cam Girl Movie Drama and More! No special guest today and it was a fairly slow publishing week. If Katy drops in, we might get a

Podcast 36: Presentation of YNOT by Jay Kopita

Episode 36: Presentation of YNOT by Jay Kopita Today, we have special guest Jay Kopita from YNOT. jay will be discussing the various products, services and ventures offered by YNOT, as well

Podcast 35: SpankChain Presentation: Cryptocurrency and Camming Site

Episode 35: Special Guest Presenter: Allie with SpankChain Today, we’ve got a special guest presenter. We welcome on the show Allie from SpankChain. SpankChain is an adult cryptocurrency powered by

Podcast 34: Unblur, Ebanned, SpankChain and Camming News

Episode 34: Unblur, Ebanned, SpankChain and Camming News Kind of a slow week today. Guess everyone is still recovering from the Week of July and getting ready for the upcoming

Podcast 33: Upcoming Events, Performer Tips and More

Episode 33: Event News and Camming Tips We took a week off due to 4th of July, so we’ve got two weeks worth of news for you (minus the 4th