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Alright, girls. I have to say this: I LOVE! This site is PERFECT for cam girl, phone sex operators, texters, sexters, content sellers, porn stars, hustlers, and anyone who has a lot of fans or knows how to promote themselves!

I have been signed up with SextPanther for a couple months but only recently have been gaining a lot of contacts and working hard on promoting my profile and texting my contacts. I made a very decent amount of money for my first payout doing ONLY sexting and sending a few pictures. I didn’t do any phone (but I’m going to start so I can see my next payout go much higher). This service and company is totally legit. The customer service team responds very quickly to any emails and issues you may have. They pay twice a month and the payout is only $20! You can set your own rates for phone calls, texts, sending/receiving pictures, and selling your new phone number they give you (or you can make it free like I do which I think attracts much more customers). Let me give you a breakdown of the important things you are wondering about.


Will the guys/fans ever know your real number?

Absolutely not! SextPanther assigns you your own new number and you even get to pick the area code you want. Your cell phone number (where you will do your texting, phone sex calls, etc. will never be shown or given to the guys.

Note: you can also work SP on your computer. Neat, huh? There is no app to download because all the texts and calls are routed directly to your cell phone. Very simple and easy. You’re also notified by text whenever someone adds you to their contacts or purchases your number, if you choose to charge for selling it.


Offer Multiple Services – Or Only The Ones You Want!

You don’t have to do phone calls if you don’t want to. You don’t have to send pictures of yourself if you don’t want to. You are in charge. You create your own profile with whatever pics you’d like. You set your rates for everything. You can turn texts on and phone calls off and vice versa.

Guess what? You also can refer other models to SP and make $100 when they make their first $100! The customers get $5 in free credits when they first signup and you get paid normally with those. Use them to get the guy addicted to you! You get paid for each text YOU send but NOT for the texts the guy sends. Remember this.


This is how the payout % works (contact SP directly for more exact % info):

  • 55% – 65% for texts, pictures, and videos
  • 75% – 82.5% for phone calls
  • 80% – 88% for tips

The pay periods are from the 1st of each month through the 15th and the 16th through the end of each month and payments are sent by check or direct deposit 3-5 BUSINESS days after the end of each pay period.

I got confused because of the business days issue but they quickly emailed back and reassured me when I’d exactly be getting my money in my account. You only have to make $20 to be paid and if you don’t meet it by the end of the pay period it will roll over. You can also get payments payable to your business. SP says “yes, we can make payments (direct deposit or check) to business accounts as long as we have a valid W9 on file that matches the payable name”.

You have to send in a w-9 before you can get paid (but you can totally start working before you send it in and you can e-sign the document. It was so quick and easy for me. And, you will NEVER get your money deducted for chargegbacks! I know how much we all hate having to deal with broke losers who get what they want from us then try to get their money back. Well, it’s not happening to us here. 🙂


Ability To Promote Other Sites / Services

You can promote your cam profiles and blogs on your SextPanther profile and through texts as long as it’s not another texting service. And, don’t forget about the model referral program where you’ll make $100 for each approved model you refer whom makes $100. You can sell Skype cam shows and sell your videos, pic sets, sell custom content, etc through SP!

Just have the customer tip you the amount you want to charge and remember that you get 80% of tips, so factor that into your prices. I sold a custom video to a submissive text client and I told him to tip me the payment, which he did. Then, I made the video and uploaded it to MediaFire so I could simply send him the download link through text message. It worked perfectly.


More Info On SextPanther

First, follow and check them out on twitter and just look at how many hot cam girls and famous porn stars they have working for them. They are based out of Scottsdale, AZ and have another office in Chicago. You can contact them anytime through their website or admin They also have a separate payroll email you can ask about once you’re signed up. I highly recommend signing up NOW and promoting your new SP profile link on your Twitter, Tumblr, blog, everywhere! Refer customers and models.

You can view my profile here and girls, porn stars, findoms, Dommes, and more you can create your model account here.

Also, here’s more information on SextPanther features.

Go make that money from the fetish and vanilla horny men 24/7! It’s quite a lot of fun and it’s always good to add another egg to your money-making basket. Just relying on camming alone or phone sex alone or whatever else you do is not a good idea, especially when the economy is down. So, now, when you’re feeling sick or it’s that time of the month you don’t have to cam, just sext.

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