List of Services That Have Impacted By SESTA/FOSTA

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Sites That Have Been Impacted By SESTA/FOSTA

SESTA/FOSTA has passed, and we’re starting to see the impacts it is having on the industry. It’s not only adult that is being impacted. Mainstream platforms (and mainstream use) has also been impacted by the passing of the law and gutting of the Safe Harbor provisions. For those that don’t know, the Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act (SESTA) was a law created and passed with almost zero opposition. It guts the Safe Harbor provisions that protect website owners who feature user generated content. This was in order to compromise Backpage, a classified site that was heavily used for prostitution, including sex trafficking.


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List Of Sites / Services Affected By The Law

Here is a list of websites and services that have updated their TOS as a result of SESTA/FOSTA



Microsoft Skype Bans Obscene Content and Nudity

The big news is Microsoft Skype. Although Skype has always been a gray area, now they are very clear. No more nudity or obscene material is allowed on the platform. This means no more Skype shows. Luckily, there are some solutions out there. Camming on a network is the obvious first choice. The networks will take a larger percentage of the profits than any of the Skype networks would, but the camming sites are adult-friendly, so no worries about bans. There are some networks that offer 100% payouts for referrals that spend on the shows by the performers that referred them. This should have appeal to indie Skype models who are used to driving their own traffic and sales.

More Info: Microsoft Bans Nudity / Adult In Response To SESTA Seized by US Federal Government

Backpage Gets Seized By The United States Government

The big news is Backpage getting seized by the US Federal Government. To those who have been following SESTA/FOSTA, you already know that Backpage was the real reason for drafting these laws. That is because Backpage was heavily used by prostitutes, both indie escorts as well as the bad players who were trafficking women. The only thing protecting Backpage was the Safe Harbor provisions that were removed by the passing of the law. So, it comes to no surprise that Backpage would be compromised as a result of SESTA.

More Info: US Federal Government Seizes Backpage



AdultWork No Longer Allowing US Performers

AdultWork, a network that allows models to offer many services ranging from clips to phone sex has given all United States performers the boot. It comes to no surprise to anyone familiar with the platform. Escorting is one of the services available on AdultWork (they’re based out of a country that allows prostitution). As we all know, the main goal of the SESTA bill is to go after any site that enables advertising for escorts.

Learn More: AdultWork No Longer Allowing USA Models



Craigslist Removes Their Personals Section

Craigslist, the USA’s most popular classified listing site, has removed their Personals section as a direct result of SESTA. This isn’t speculative either. Craigslist went as far to announce the reason for the Personals leaving is SESTA. They also stated that although most people used the section for legit reasons, like everything involving user-generated content, the product and service can be misused. Without the safe harbor provisions, they need to protect themselves over anyone who might be misusing the platform.

More Info: Craigslist Removes Personals Post-SESTA



Discord Updates TOS: No Longer Adult-Friendly

There has been some debate on whether or not Discord is adult-friendly. This debate has been further fueled by Discord giving models conflicting answers and information via Twitter. Sometimes they’ll say nothing sexual is allowed, other times they’ll state it’s allowed under specific circumstances. Their Terms of Service, which was updated in response to SESTA, demonstrate the platform is definitely not adult-friendly.

Learn More: Discord Does Not Allow Porn / Adult content


Twitter Marketing

Twitter’s Updated TOS: Sesta-Related?

There’s a lot of debate as to whether or not the recent Twitter TOS update is SESTA-related. It’s also important to note that a lot of things just got rearranged and reworded, while the actual content stayed the same. Just the same, there’s some scary language in Twitter’s TOS, that everyone should be aware of. It’s also important to note that a lot of models have been reporting massive follower purges around the same time as the update.

Learn More: Twitter Updates TOS – Possibly SESTA-Related



MyFreeCams Updates TOS: No Tokens For “In-Person” Perks

Popular camming site MyFreeCams has updated their TOS. This update focuses on anything relating to “In-Person” meetups. This might be a raffle game with a date as a prize, or something similar. Being that SESTA/FOSTA is specifically targeting escorting / prostitution, anything dealing with in-person meetups is highly risky. Especially for a site processing payments for them. Therefore, this doesn’t come to much of a surprise. Most camming models don’t want anything to do with in-person meetups anyway, for a lot of reasons.

More Info: MyFreeCams Updates TOS In Response To SESTA


IndieBill Website

IndieBill Flagging Transactions Based On Geography

IndieBill, a popular platform for selling a wide range of services, ranging from clips to Skype shows, has started flagging suspicious accounts and transactions. This includes transactions that occur within a close geographic area. For example; if a performer is located in NYC, and a customer transaction occurs within NYC. Other red flags might include transaction amounts that are equivalent to escorting fees.

More Info: IndieBill Flagging Possible Escort Transactions



ManyVids Removes Skype and Bans In-Person Services

ManyVids, a leading clip site, has updated their services and features in response to SESTA. Due to Microsoft removing obscenity and adult from Skype, ManyVids has removed their Skype functionality that was integrated into their platform. ManyVids also banned the selling of all in-person services and raffles. ManyVids offers custom store items, which have previously been used to promote and sell those kind of services. All non-compliant store items will be removed.

More Info: SESTA – ManyVids Removes Skype / In-Person



FetLife Updates TOS: Bans Domme Services

FetLife, an adult social media network, has updated their TOS in wake of the passing of SESTA. FetLife is just one of many services that have changed their terms (some have completely shut down) in response of the passing of the new law. the major changes for FetLife is the banning of consensual blackmail and financial domination. You can find the official FetLife announcement below.

Learn More: FetLife Bans Consensual Blackmail and Financial Domination



Services Created In Response To SESTA




Switter: Sex-Worker Friendly Social Media

Switter is a new service that was developed in response to SESTA, as well as other things including Twitter shadow-bans of adult accounts. It’s built on the Mastodon platform (open source Twitter alternative) and the company is based in Australia, where sex work is legal. Because the company and content is located outside of the United States, they’re immune from SESTA and other USA laws.

Learn More: Switter – Twitter Alternative For Pornstars / Sex Workers

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