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BentBox: New Network To Sell Adult Amateur Content

BentBox is a network for selling “Boxes”. These boxes can contain a collection of files; video, photo or other. BentBox has a SFW section and an adult section. Models can register as a seller on BentBox and use the platform for selling adult videos, photo galleries and other type of content. Here’s all the details on BentBox.


Quick Information:

  • Model Percentage: 65% for Boxes, 80% for Private Communities
  • Minimum Payout: $100
  • Payout Schedule: Monthly
  • Payout Methods: ACH, FirstChoicePay, Wire
  • Chargebacks: Covered


How Much Money Do BentBox Sellers Make?

The BentBox revenue-share is a little complex for Boxes. The standard fee they take is 35%, leaving the seller with 65%. The seller indicates what they’d like to make per box. The fee is then affixed to the box. Other processing fees are also applied. For the “Private Communities” fan club option, payout is 80%. For the fixed $9.99/month price, the seller receives $7.99.


Split Revenue On Boxes Between Mutliple Users

BentBox has an innovative feature where sellers are able to split the revenue earned from a box. This is useful for models collaborating on content, or for studios who are sharing revenue with their models. Revenue-splitting is a premium feature, which is available for $5 per month. The premium version also includes a lot of handy features, including promotional tools and increased exposure on the site.


Custom Content Requests

BentBox makes it easy for members to request custom boxes. When a customer hits a model’s profile page, a tab for custom content is displayed. Cicking on it brings up the BentBox messaging system. This can be used to discuss and negotiate the custom content request.


Private Communities (Fan Clubs)

BentBox has a fan club feature based on its popular “Community” promotional feeds. Models can create a “Private Community” that functions as a private social media feed that members can pay to unlock with a monthly subscription fee. Video, photo, and text content can be posted on a model’s “Private Community” feed. Subscription fees are fixed at $9.99/month, and model receive 80% payout on subscriptions.


Make Additional Revenue Referring Customers / Sellers

BentBox also has a referral program where you can make additional income referring other members. BentBox sellers can earn 5% on all their customer referrals and seller referrals. Referral programs are a great way to earn an additional income. If you refer customers who purchase your content, you’ll make additional income off that sale. If they purchase boxes from someone else, you still make money off the sale!


Get Started Selling On BentBox Today!

Ready to get started with BentBox? Signup today! The registration process is quick and easy and you can start earning in no time. Use BentBox to sell a wide range of digital content. Any file types can be uploaded and sold, including zip sets. Sell videos, photo galleries and other forms of multimedia. Get started today!


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