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Search Engine Optimization For Camgirls

Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) is the act of making your content rank higher in search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Search engine algorithms are very complex, and it’s believed that there’s over 300 signals in Google’s algorithm. Knowing every single signal isn’t too important, but there are some basic best practices for making content rank higher. Being aware of these best practices will help you identify issues and tactics that can be used for higher search rankings.


Why SEO? You might ask ‘Why is SEO important?’  There are many reasons. The biggest reason, in my opinion, is that SEO is “free”-ish. If you’re not outsourcing SEO, you’re not really paying for it. Sure it’s an investment in time, but it’ll pay off day-after-day-after-day. Once a piece of content is ranking (assuming it stays ranking) it’ll keep generating traffic forever. Not only that, but the traffic is generating is the traffic that’s looking for you. They want to find the webcam model they’re describing in search, and you meet the criteria! Organic traffic has been known to perform great when compared to other traffic sources and is 100% essential to compete in the adult webmaster niche.


Onsite SEO Optimization

“Onsite SEO” deals with all the onsite tweaks and optimization. Onsite optimization is very important. If you do not have any content on your website, it’s never going to rank. Every new piece of content added to a website has a chance of targeting a new set of search phrases, or “longtail search results”. That is why actively adding content will do wonders for your SEO.


Here are some ways to rock your onsite SEO:

Know the Important Onsite Ranking Factors – There are certain onsite SEO elements that are more important than others. Knowing what signals are important will greatly help with your onsite SEO. Paying attention to how optimized these elements are will ensure that your SEO is optimal as possible:

URL-Structure: If you’re rocking a WordPress website (recommended) then be sure to set the permalinks to “post”. This will format the URL structure “with-keywords-separated-by-dashes”, just how Google likes it. Google looks at the words in the URL structure to help determine what the webpage is about. Be careful about having too many words in the URL structure though, cause that might cause content to rank lower.

Header Text: You only want one H1 (header-1) per page. This is usually the title. You can have unlimited H2 or H3 on the page. Make sure to switch up the header text and make sure there’s keywords and/or search phrases contained in the various header-texts.

Image Name / Meta: Name the file names of all uploaded images like you would the URL-structure: “keywords-in-file-name.jpg”. Google can’t really tell what the images are, so the crawlers use file name and other data to try to tell what it’s about. Also include an “alt text” and “meta description” for each uploaded photo and video. Not only will image optimization help rank the photos higher in image search, but it’ll also help the webpage itself rank in organic Google search.

Text: You’ll want text to backup your header text. There is a certain “keyword density” that is optimal, but I never advise people to focus on that. Instead, focus on writing some badass content. If you’re a good writer, and the webpage is focused on a specific topic (This one is obviously focused on webcam model SEO) then the content should be focused enough to have a decent keyword density .

Internal Linking – Internal links behave much like “backlinks” (see the below section on Offsite Optimization). The “PageRank” (magical ranking force for Google) will flow through the internal links on a website. When a search engine crawler travels from page to page via internal links, the crawler will look at the “anchor text” (or highlighted words on the link) to help determine what the page is about. By adding keywords and phrases to the internal links on a website (please make sure the anchor text is relevant!) it’s possible to use new content and the links contained in it to slowly bump up the rankings of the other pages on your site.

301 Redirects – If you’re deleting a page on your site, be sure to 301 redirect it to another relevant page on your site. A 301 redirect tells search engines that the content has moved, and all the pages former ranking power will be transferred to the new page via 301 redirect.

Website Speed / Performance – Google and other search engines will give a slight boost to sites that run faster. There are many methods of making the website run faster, including site caching, CSS optimization, SQL optimization, better hosting and many other methods. This not only will help your SEO, but will help with the user-experience as well.

Website Age – Older websites will usually rank better. This is also because other websites usually have more backlinks as well.

New Pic and Video Sets – Be sure to add new pics and video sets consistently. Every time you create a new post on your site, try to optimize the title text, header text and add a paragraph of text describing the content. Be sure to share the content across all the various social networks (assuming they allow the kind of content being shared). Creating the links back to the original content will also help it rank higher, but more of that on the off site portion of this post.



Offsite SEO Optimization

The second part of SEO is the off site portion. This is all the optimizations that occur elsewhere on the web. The bulk of off site optimization is building backlinks. Backlinks (or links from another website to yours) count as “internet votes” in the eyes of Google and other search engines. The concept is simple; People will link to good content and they won’t link to bad content.

Linkbuilding is very difficult in the adult niche. Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team says it best: “Porn sites are possible, but nobody links to porn.” This is a challenge for adult webmasters (and webcam models!). Luckily, it’s a little bit easier to build links as a webcam model, here’s why:

Personal Blogging (Webcam Models Are People Too!) – You’re definitely going to want to do some personal blogging. You should do this on your website, as well as various hosted blogging platforms (, Blogger, Tumblr,, ect). Every one of your personal blog posts has the potential of attracting backlinks to the blog content itself. Through internal linking, you can shuffle that PageRank around to the pages you want ranked higher and for what you want ranked higher. On the hosted blogging platforms, you can liberally link to whatever content you want to link to.

Webcam Model Directories – There are many camgirl, model and pornstar directory sites out there. Some of these sites you’ll have to email the admin to get added, and some sites you register for. Some of these sites provide “DoFollow backlinks” (provide massive SEO benefits) while some “NoFollow” their links (not as great SEO benefits). List of Webcam Model Directories Coming Soon!

Forums – There are many adult / webcam related forums out there. Not only can sharing your content via these forums help build backlinks, but could also drive some very qualified traffic. Find the forums that work best (views and traffic-wise) and post to these forums regularly.

Porn-sharing Sites – There are many porn sharing sites, such as, ImageFap, Tumblr, ect. Many of these sites will give backlinks. Some will be DoFollow, some will be NoFollow.

Guest Blogging – Yo, on that note, we’re looking for guest bloggers on this site! Currently it’s not a paid gig, although there might be paid posting opportunities in the future, after an ROI can be attributed to this site and we can start spending a portion of that as part of our content strategy. In the meantime, any guest bloggers are encouraged to include backlinks to their various websites and properties. Guest blogging on this site or other sites will help increase your SEO.

Social Media – The majority of the social media channels are NoFollow backlinks, but NoFollow will still have a minor positive impact on SEO. Sharing on social networks can drive traffic and have a very minor impact on search engine optimization.

Trade Links With Other Camgirls – Make some friends and swap some links. It wouldn’t be too difficult to create a “friends” page and menu item tab. List a bunch of girls and link to their websites. Have all the girls you’ve linked to do the same. This kind of link exchange can help boost the SEO of all the camgirls websites.

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How To Do Adult Video SEO

Video SEO is a huge element to SEO in the adult industry. This is especially true if you’re an amateur porn producer. Optimizing content for video SEO will make your video content show up in the video search for Google and other search engines. Generally, video SEO is less competitive than normal SEO, as you’re only competing with web pages with video content, opposed to every webpage on the internet.

Video SEO is a huge concept worthy of it’s own blog post. If you want to learn more, read our post on Video SEO For Camming Models / Amateur Porn Producers.



Additional SEO Resources

Now that you’ve got an understanding of both onsite and offsite SEO, you’ll know what to look for when playing around on the internet. Here are some additional resources to help you learn SEO:

Whiteboard Friday – Whiteboard Friday is a weekly web-based video series. I find Whiteboard Friday very easy to understand and follow, even for inexperienced SEOs. Expert SEOs can also find great ideas and content on this series as well. Whiteboard Friday is produced by MOZ, a company producing SEO tool suites and has their own crawler that’s used to reverse engineer Google Search.

Google Webmaster YouTube Channel – Get the information directly from Google. Nobody has more information on Google search algorithms than Google themselves. That embedded video in this post is from the Google Webmaster YouTube Channel and all the information is that valuable.

Search Engine Land – My favorite resource. I subscribe to their Marketing Day email newsletter (might be offered by their sister site Marketing Land). Marketing Day sends a daily digest of all the latest marketing news around the web, with a special emphasis on SEO.

Distilled – SEO consultants, specializing in training inhouse SEOs. Their content tends to be much more advanced than other resources. This is great for experienced SEOs, but might be a little techy for newbie SEOs.

There are many more resources out there, but these are my top picks and what I personally follow. If you want to learn more about a particular topic, Google it. There are many SEO resources around the web and no shortage of information. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, create a Quora question and you’ll get some answers from the SEO community.

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