Adult Models: Running Your Own Affiliate Program – Why and How?

CamgirlModels: How To Run Your Own Affiliate Program

An “Affiliate Program” is where users can register and promote a specific site or product. The promoter is assigned specific tracking links and get a commission or revshare when they send the company new sales.

You might be familiar with affiliate programs, as many camming sites and clip sites have them. Affiliate marketing is a great way for models to earn extra revenue off the new members they refer to the sites they’re a part of.

It’s also possible for models to run their own affiliate programs. There’s tons of advantages of running your own affiliate program. For one, it’s free marketing in a way (even though you’re paying commissions) because commission are only paid on the new sales a webmaster sends you. It also helps fight piracy (explained more below) and is required to be featured on certain high-trafficked review sites, directory sites and tube sites.


How To Setup An Affiliate Program With ModelCentro

The easiest (and most headache free) way to run your own affiliate program is With ModelCentro. ModelCentro is a free website building platforms for camgirls and other adult models. ModelCentro handles all the hosting, payment processing and other highly technical aspects of running a model site. The performers are given an easy-to-use visual website builder that makes it super easy to customize your site and add content.

Models can activate the affiliate program easily from the dashboard of their site. You’re able to specify what type of payout programs are available for webmasters promoting you. You’re also able to upload promotional banners, photo and video content that webmasters can use to promote your site.

Giving affiliates promotional content allows them to build teaser gallery and video pages on various websites or blogs. This promotional teaser content is used to attract traffic and drive potential customers to your site. Having promotional content available makes it much easier for affiliates to promote than with affiliate links alone.


Getting Featured In MCProfits (ModelCentro Affiliate Network)

ModelCentro has their regular affiliate program as well as MCProfits. MCProfits only features model sites that meet certain criteria. This criteria includes a specified number of galleries/videos on your site, a specified number of promotional content and other criteria.

Because MCProfits only features sites that qualify, every site included is more qualified for promotion than many that are featured in the standard ModelCentro affiliate program. That makes them more appealing to webmasters, and because of this, many go with MCProfits over the standard ModelCentro affiliate program.

For that reason, it’s highly advised to get into MCProfits. All the criteria to get featured there is beneficial to your site and will generate more sales, anyway.


Requirement For MCProfits:

50%/50% Commissions – ModelCentro allows models to create different commission structures. In order to be featured inMCProfits, the commission structure is a standardized 50/50 split.

20 Pieces Of Content On Site – Before your site can be added to MCProfits, there must be at least 20 pieces of content on the site. This could be either photo or video content. Having a large and active site is a good idea anyway, and this will also help with your own personal sales.

Custom Domain Name – You must have a custom domain name. The site also can’t be on a sub-domain. ModelCentro offers all models free domain names, so not only is this free, it also makes your site look more professional.

10 Pieces Of Promo Content – You’ll also need to upload 10 pieces of promo content that affiliates can access.


Advantages Of Running An Affiliate Program

There are many advantages of running your own affiliate program. Here are some of the major advantages:


Attract Sales You Wouldn’t Have Gotten Otherwise

The biggest perk of affiliate marketing is the potential to drive sales you might not have had otherwise. The affiliate marketers that join your program only make money when they generate sales. That makes them highly driven to makes sales on your behalf. Running an affiliate program is like having your very own sales / marketing team!


No Costs For Increased Promotion / Traffic

The other major perk of affiliate marketing is that it’s 100% free to run. Because affiliates only get paid when they generate a sale, there’s no upfront costs for you as an advertiser. This makes it completely liability-free. If you get new sales, that’s great. If not; it’s free promotion and building name recognition.


Fighting Piracy Through Enabling Good Webmasters

Punch your stage name into Google and see what comes up. For some models, the first couple pages of Google will be littered with results for pirated content. Pirated content hurts sales. There’s tons of ways to fight pirated content. Running an affiliate program is one of them.

When you’re running an affiliate program, you’re attracting webmasters who are good at generating traffic. These webmasters are going to need to compete with the pirates for that traffic. This makes it so people are more likely to see the promotional material that you’ve got control over, rather than what’s been stolen from you without your permission.

Affiliates are also trying to make money from sending YOU sales. Pirates are trying to make money OFF of you.


Get Featured On High Trafficked Sites

There are many high traffic sites that require affiliate programs that meet specific criteria (ModelCentro can met this criteria) These sites include top review sites, directory sites and certain tube sites. Being featured on these sites can send tons of qualified traffic, and running a compliant affiliate program is the only way you’ll ever get featured on many of these sites.



Drawbacks Of Running An Affiliate Program

Even though affiliate marketing is a great way to get free promotion and sales, there are some drawbacks. Here are the top cons of running your own affiliate program.


Privacy Concerns

The first major drawback is privacy concerns. With many clip sites / camming sites, you’re able to enable regional blocking on certain areas. When running an affiliate program, you’re content / links are going to get added to many different websites and blogs, plus shared over social media and other networks.

Although you do have control over the type of promotional content being made available, as well as control over what webmasters are able to promote you, this still creates privacy concerns.


Having To Pay Out Commissions

Although there are no upfront costs to running an affiliate program, you do have to pay webmasters commissions on the sales they send you. If these are sales you never would have made on your own, it can be looked at as “free money”. But would if you could have made those sales eventually without the affiliate?


Having Photos / Videos Floating Around

Providing affiliates with promotional content is a double-sided sword. Having promotional content available for affiliates makes it much easier for them to promote you. However, it opens up the possibility of those photos and videos sneaking around the internet.

Even if only affiliates are able to access the promotional content, having it featured on affiliate promotional sites will make it easier for non-affiliates to download and repost, or share via social media.

This can easily be avoided by not allowing for promotional content. That does make it harder for affiliates to promote you, however. You could also just make sure all promo content is watermarked and look at it as increased promotion, as long as you’re not scared about privacy control.


Additional Tips / Advice On Running An Affiliate Program

Here are some general tips for running a successful affiliate program. These tips include things on how to attract good affiliate marketers, making their promotion more effective and getting the most conversions.


Have A Good Performing Site

Does your website get sales from your own traffic? If not, it’s going to be harder for an affiliate to convert sales. Having the best performing website (as far as turning visitors into sales) is the single-best thing you can be doing to help enable your affiliates. This means high-quality content, frequent updates and all-around making it the highest quality product possible.

Outside of making it easier for affiliate referrals to register, you’ll also attract better affiliates this way. Affiliates look at the quality of a site when determining whether it’s worth promoting or not. If your site doesn’t look like it’ll convert at first appearance, the higher quality affiliates might pass it up.


Provide Promotional Content

We’ve discussed the pros and cons of providing promotional content above. Unless you’re highly concerned about privacy (in which case, you might not want to run an affiliate program) it will make it insanely easier for affiliates to promote you. In fact, some affiliates won’t promote you if there isn’t content available. For example; if an affiliate is running a gallery site, then promotional galleries are a requirement for promoting a model site.

If you’re part of the Pornhub Amateur Program, all of that content can also be used as promo content for affiliates, so make sure to let them know about it. In addition to making it easy for affiliates to add promo videos to their sites, but it’ll also drive revenue and new subscriptions for your amateur account.


Let Affiliates Know About Your Other Networks

Let affiliates know what other camming / clip sites you’re a part of. Many of these sites have their own affiliate programs and even have deep-linking to model chatrooms and profile pages. Letting affiliates know that they can also promote you on your other sites is a great way to drive additional revenue for everyone. There’s a great chance that the same affiliates driving traffic to your website will also be driving it to camming profile as well.

Best of all, you don’t have to pay for the traffic to those other networks, as they’re running their own affiliate program so they pay the commissions. In fact, some of them even have affiliate referral programs. That means you can make money if you manage to refer new affiliates to their network.


Reach Out To New Affiliates Signups

It’s a good idea to send out a welcome email to new affiliates. This is useful to learn how they plan on promoting you. Knowing how affiliates are promoting you can give you insight on how you might be able to run a better program. It also gives affiliates a way to contact you (replying to email) if they have questions or suggestions.


Personally Reach Out To Sites *YOU* Want Featured On

If you ever stumble across a site that you personally think would be a good promoter, don’t hesitate to reach out to them and discuss your affiliate program. Proactively reaching out to big and successful sites catering to the same fetishes / niches as you can be one of the best way to get new promoters. The worst that happens is they might either not respond or say no. No shame in asking.


And Now You’re Ready To Start Your Affiliate Program!

Now that you’ve got all the information, it’s time to get your own affiliate program ready and start attracting webmasters! Just remember, sometimes it takes a while to attract solid, high-quality webmasters, so be patient. In the meantime, remember the tips up above and just keep working on your brand, products and generating your own sales. The quality webmasters and new sales will come in time.

If you have any information on running an affiliate program, don’t hesitate to shoot an email to


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