Using RTMP To Stream To Multiple Camming Sites


RTMP: Streaming To Multiple Sites with Minimal Resources

This article is for those who are on multiple token sites that allow external encoders (e.g. OBS) and want to stream with minimal resources. It is not a complete beginner guide, but I’ll do my best to explain everything as simply as possible. The method below works on Windows, Mac and Linux, but for the majority’s sake in this article we’ll go with Windows.


The Problem: Cameras Can Only Be used For One Application

The way video streaming (actually camera drivers) works is that you can use one camera for one application at a time. This is really annoying because if you are on token sites and don’t do exclusive private shows all you want to do is send the same exact video to all of the sites. There are a few options for you to achieve this!


Using A Camsplitter

You can use a camsplitter application. Basically what that does is it takes the video stream from your camera and acts as multiple virtual cameras so you can use the same video in multiple applications. It has it’s limitations but we won’t go into them in this article. If you want to stream to multiple sites at the same time you can do it using a camsplitter, but all of the streams are going to be encoded separately. That means if you stream to 2 sites, you’ll use twice as much CPU (or GPU if you can use your graphics card to do the encoding for you). The cam splitter is also going to use up some resources. if you go this way, you’ll need a stronger PC to be able to stream.


Hosted services

There are hosted services that can help you like, but they are not cheap (~$50/month) and with services like these it’s not guaranteed that they are going to stay adult friendly indefinitely.



Xsplit might also be sort-of able to do this but it’s also not free.


Free Software and A Bit of Knowledge

This should be a fairly simple process and all you should need is more bandwidth! In a bit I’ll explain how to do this all using free software that is readily available for you. As with everything there are pros and cons to this solution.



  • Free
  • Fairly simple to set up
  • Uses minimal resources
  • The satisfaction of how awesome you are!



Not the most flexible. The sites you stream to are stored in a config file and once you start streaming there’s no way to change that. If you start streaming to eg. Chaturbate, Streamate and CAM4, and you want to go on a private on one of the sites you can’t just turn off the other two. You’ll have to stop your stream, reconfigure, restart nginx and start streaming again, which’ll take about a minute. Some sites allow you to go on fake privates for this. Learn more about fake privates and the sites that allow it.


So if you’re ready, let’s get started!


The Things You’ll Need:

  • nginx server with the RTMP module
  • A text editor to edit the nginx.conf config file (notepad will do just fine)
  • OBS studio, XSplit broadcaster or any broadcaster software that can stream using RTMP (Any version is fine, we’ll go with OBS here)



1. Go to and download this version: nginx later versions only provide RTMP streaming if you have a commercial license.

2. Unzip the contents to your preferred location

3. Go to the folder you unzipped it to, and open the conf\nginx.conf file for editing.

4. Replace the contents with the following:

#pid logs/;

events {

worker_connections 1024;


rtmp {

server {

listen 1935;
chunk_size 8192;

application live{

live on;
record off;
meta copy;
push “rtmp://”;
push “rtmp://”;
#Add all your rtmp endpoints here




(WordPress isn’t the best platform for copy/pasting code, sorry for not being able to make it look cleaner)


5. Each line that starts with ‘push’ is a site you want to stream to. Every site that supports external encoders has detailed information for you on how to set it up. They’ll usually give you a URL and a stream key. After you get this information you’ll need to add a line like this to nginx.conf:
push ‘[URL]/[STREAM_KEY]’;

So if you for example get a URL like rtmp:// and your stream key is imsosexy you’d write
push ‘rtmp://’;

6. Start nginx by running nginx.exe. To stop it at any time open a terminal by pressing windows+r, type cmd and press enter. In the terminal go to the folder where nginx.exe is. Type nginx.exe -s stop and press enter.

Note: the above config file will work on Windows/Linux/Mac, the only difference will be how you download and install nginx itself.



Now that nginx is running it’s time to fire up OBS Studio! In the lower right corner click on Settings then in the popup window select the Stream tab. Select Custom Streaming Server as Stream Type on the top, then in the URL field enter rtmp://localhost:1935/live

OBS Studio

When you’re done, hit OK and you’re ready to start streaming. Just hit the ‘Start Streaming’ button and you’re online!

Learn more about using OBS for camming


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