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Roboscripts: Automated Camming Site Builder, Autoblogger and Social Media

Roboscripts is a company specializing in scipts and automations for camming affiliates and webmasters. Roboscripts works with the API from the different camming sites to create truly automated products. Build you own camming sites, adult webcam blogs and make money by running multiple different affiliate twitter handles. All scripts are fully automated and easy to install. Here’s the different products Roboscripts offers, and the different camming sites they support.


List of Available Scripts / Software

Roboscripts offers several different software suites. Each of them has a specific function, whether it’s automating social media, building your very own camming sites or autopopulating WordPress blogs. Here is what is all available:


Adult TwitterOnline Twitter Poster

Writting in PHP and perfect to promote cam sites this script is simply awesome. It automatically post to Tweeter when a cam model comes online, it also has the ability to tweet reminders that a particular girl or guy is still online. You can create an unlimited number of Online Twitter Poster accounts supported by proxies to manage any amount of Twitter accounts you have.

You can decide to tweet by certain models only using your custom list. Hashtags by category are supported and you can add links and images in your tweets using our simple format well explained inside the easy to use admin interface. Don’t worry you don’t have to add the links and the image yourself, this script will take care of it. All outgoing links will automatically be replaced by the associated webcam model’s private room URL and shorten by the API on the fly.


Webcam EquipmentThe Cam Site Builder

An easy to use PHP script that allows you to rapidly deploy a website to promote webcam shows from your favorite cam site. Simply start the aggregator that will fill up your database with thousands of models and their related information. The online models API based checker will continually verify which one is online.

Add some content using the build-in text spinner, the manual inport feature or let it create its own unique content with the Chimp Rewriter text spinner API and our Auto-Content Creation feature and you are ready to go. Adding or auto-creating unique titles and content is optional, even if we greatly recommend it, you don’t have to do it. If no content is found this script will use the name of the model for the URL of the gallery and if you wish to, filler text for the content.


WordPressThe Cam Blog Builder

Also using the power of WordPress, this is not a plugin, it’s a stand alone script that connects itself locally to any Wordress single blog install. Easier to manage content wise, it’s designed from the ground up to bring tons of Google love. Add some unique content using our text spinner functionality, by hand directly inside the admin interface or let it create its own unique content with the Chimp Rewriter text spinner API and our Auto-Content Creation feature and let it roll. It will add new posts based on the frequency you have chosen in the settings section.

You will have the ability to choose from 2 nice looking responsive themes, one black and one white, that will show all your posts from the index page in a tube fashion way. Featured cam online models are shown in the footer and you have the capacity to manage all of your banners from one place only.



The Cam Multi-Blog Builder

Imagine creating 100 blogs with each one getting one new post a day multiplied by 30 days, that’s 3000 posts a month! Even if this script is linked to your WordPress Multisite installation it’s not a plugin. You will access all its features trough a GUI interface. As soon as you log in, inside the dashboard, you will find step by step instructions on how to use it.

Like all of our scripts, you will have to create different types of content using the text spinner feature, by adding them manually or by letting it create its own unique content with the Chimp Rewriter text spinner API and our Auto-Content Creation feature. After you have started all its modules, The Cam Multi Blog Builder will automatically begin creating new blogs and adding new posts until it runs out of content while doing what it does best, bring you search engine traffic.

Each new blog is added to the main directory thumb page so that all of your network can be access from one place, featured online models can be found on all your blogs footers and sidebars. Comes with 4 WordPress mobile ready themes for your index page and your blogs, both in black and white.


List of Supported Camming Affiliate Programs

Here is the list of the current affiliate programs supported by Roboscripts. In order to sync them together, you’ll need to register affiliate accounts with all these sites. Roboscripts is continuously working to support even more affiliate networks, so stay tuned for more in the future!


BongaCamsBongaCams / BongaCash

BongaCams is another insanely popular camming sites with a very generous affiliate program. They’re one of the worlds largest camming sites and the most popular cam site in Russia and Eastern Europe. BongaCams webmasters can earn up to 25% revshare or up to $4.50 PPL. Plus earn 5% on any referred model revenue. BongaCash integrates with Roboscripts.

Learn More: BongaCams Affiliate Program


Chaturbate Models WantedChaturbate

Chaturbate has a very generous affiliate program. Earn a 20% revshare or a $1 PPL. Plus, earn an additional $50 for any referred broadcaster who makes $25 or more. Chaturbate gives webmasters so many ways to earn. It’s also one of the world’s most popular camming sites, and the USA’s most popular camming site. The Chaturbate affiliate program integrates with Roboscripts.

Learn More: Chaturbate Affiliate Program


ImLiveImLive / PussyCash

PussyCash is the affiliate program for ImLive. PussyCash offers a wide range of promotional tools for their affiliates. PussyCash also offers some very generous commissions, plus regularly runs contests that bump up those commissions. In addition to promoting ImLive, PussyCash affiliates can also make money promoting a collection of other adult sites.

Learn More: PussyCash / ImLive Affiliate Program


LivejasminLiveJasmin / AWEmpire

LiveJasmin is another very popular camming site, and is making some insanely big moves down in South America. AWEmpire, the LiveJasmin affiliate program has a very interesting tiered payout program.  The more customers you’re able to refer, or the more credit purchase that occur because of it, the more money you get paid. Earn up to 60% revshare, or $300 PPS. AWEmpire / LiveJasmin integrates with Roboscripts.

Learn More: LiveJasmin Affiliate Program


StreamateStreamate / MTree / CamBuilder

Streamate is another very popular camming site. Streamate has several options for their affiliate marketers; MTree and CamBuilder. MTree is the classic affiliate program and CamBuilder is their new whitelabeled site builder platform. Streamate integrates with Roboscripts.

Learn More: Streamate Affiliate Program


Get Started Making Money With Robscripts Now!

Ready to start making money? Get Roboscripts now! Whether you’re trying to monetize Twitter, create your own camming site through API, or populate WordPress blogs, Roboscripts has the tools for you! Put your affiliate marketing and profits on autopilot. Start making money with Roboscripts today.


More Scripts, CMS and Tools For Camming Webmasters

Looking for more scripts, tools and CMS for camming webmasters? We’ve got them all in one place! In fact, the webmaster element of the camming industry is so big, that we’ve created a side dedicated to affiliate marketing. On Camming Webmasters, we’ve got an entire section dedicated to scripts, CMS and other tools for adult affiliate marketers. See what else is available.

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