Getting Stolen Videos Removed From Pornhub

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Getting Uploaded Videos Removed From Pornhub

Pornhub is the largest tube site, and something that usually comes up when discussing stolen content. Because the tube model allows for anyone to create an account and upload content, there’s tons of uploading going on. Some of it is malicious, while other time it’s not so much. All of it can negatively impact a performer’s bottom-line. Here’s what you need to know about getting Pornhub content removed.


Submitting An Official DMCA Notice

Pornhub, like all other major tube sites, has an official DMCA protocol. You can find more information about it here. Always remember to be cautious when submitting a DMCA notice. Submitting a DMCA complaint requires the submitter to provide contact information. This information might be provided to the infringing party, so that they can review the complaint and submit a counter-claim if they own the contact rights. Often times a lot of information is redacted. Not all of it though. There’s always a risk that personal information will get exposed.

Alternatively, you can shoot an email to


Learn More About Submitting DMCA Notices


Being A Verified Model Makes Things Easier

It’s been stated that it’s a lot easier to get content removed if you’re a verified model on Pornhub. This makes sense, as they’ve got records demonstrating that account is indeed who they’re indicating they are. There are some advantages to being a verified Pornhub model as well. Believe it or not, Pornhub does generate sales. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have advertisers voluntarily uploading content or purchasing ad placement. Pornhub can be used to build up a customer / fan-base.

Pornhub will even give the option of having the content removed, or placed under the official account / channel.


Watermarking Videos Makes Things Easier

As with everything, watermarking videos will always make it easier to prove ownership. Trademarking the watermark makes it even more effective, although it does come with a price. Outside of that, it also works as a promotional tool, telling anyone viewing the pirating content where they can find more of the content. Although that doesn’t outweigh the impact of piracy, it does soften the blow.


Actively Uploading Your Own Promo Videos

Although many performers are opposed to Pornhub because of the piracy issue and “free porn” business model, it can be a valuable marketing tool. Uploading teaser content makes it easy to reach millions of potential followers, fans and customers. With the amateur program, performers even earn a share of the advertising revenue. This also helps to combat the impact of stolen videos uploaded to the tube site.

Because the videos are associated with the performers branded channel, those are the videos that come up in the search results and get the most views. This allows the model to control what type of content is available (promo and not entire clips) and use it as a tool to drive customers and sales. Remember that it takes a certain number of views for videos to appear in Pornhub’s search. If only your videos come up in search, it’s hard for pirated content to get discovered.


Getting Embedded Pornhub Content Removed From Other Sites

The other issue with videos uploaded to Pornhub is the fact that they can be embedded anywhere on the web. They might have been added to a Pinterest style porn-pinning site, embedded in a blog or added elsewhere. There’s even automated tools that help import the embed content.

If the video is removed, the embedded Pornhub player will display an error. The page might still exist, however. And it might be cutting into your traffic!

Getting the content removed is through the DMCA process. There’s nothing Pornhub can do, as they don’t control those web properties. DMCA take-down notices can be submitted to the infringing website, the web host and search engines. If you’re submitting the DMCA notifications yourself, there are some privacy issues associated! It’s advised to use your performer-name and be careful with contact information! The network you’re performing on might submit the DMCA notice on your behalf, and it’s always possible to hire a DMCA agency (who will also take care of removing all the tube site content).

Learn More About DMCA Take-Down Notices


Getting Pornhub Search Results / Video Results Removed From Google

For some search results, Pornhub dominates the search results. The video results most the time, but regular search engine results as well. Getting the content removed from Pornhub will eventually get it removed from the search results. It’s also possible to submit a DMCA notice to Google. If the content is removed, but the search results are still there, the process is much easier. If the site (Pornhub or otherwise) won’t remove the content, it’s still possible to get it removed from the search engine results.

How To Remove Pirated Content From Google Search


More Ways To Combat Piracy

Piracy is a major issue in the adult industry. It’s even more burdensome for independent models, as there’s privacy risks associated to DMCA notices and other techniques. Luckily, there’s many different ways to fight piracy, and tons of tools to help. DMCA is only one way to go about fighting stolen content. Learn all the ways you can take piracy to war and reclaim stolen traffic and profits.


How Adult Performers Can Fight Piracy


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