redBUX Releases List of Suggested Wallets


Cryptocurrency Wallets Recommended By redBUX

redBUX, an adult cryptocurrency that recently wrapped up it’s ICO, has released new wallet information and a list of recommended cryptocurrency wallets. Here’s what the adult coin recommends everyone uses, as well as some integration information.


The redBUX Smart Contract – Integration to your ERC20 Wallet

To ensure that your wallet identifies your claimed redBUX properly, Smart Contract information needs to be added in some wallet provider systems. All needed information is as follows:

  • Smart Contract Address: 0x868c3ee9b6086458482422b6b37fa36649cd55bf
  • Abbreviation: RDBX
  • Decimal Places: 18

redBUX’s Wallet Recommendations


Ledger Nano S

First, they recommend the hardware wallet Ledger Nano S produced by the manufacturer Ledger. This is the safest means to store and transfer your redBUX. With this, the user has 100% control over the cryptocurrency. You can buy the Ledger Nano S on the producer’s homepage.

It’s also recommend to install this hardware wallet using Google Chrome with the associated Ledger Apps (e.g. Ledger Manager and Ledger Wallet Etherium).


MyEtherWallet (Mobile App)

Second, they recommend the currently free mobile device application Trust issued by MyEtherWallet. The App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices and from the App Store for Apple devices. It is clearly designed and easy to handle.


MyEtherWallet (Online Version)

Finally, they recommend the platform MyEtherWallet as online wallet. The creation of an account is very easy, and it only takes a few seconds.

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