PussyCash Adds AlephPay As A Cashout Method


New PussyCash Payout Method: AlephPay

PussyCash, the official affiliate program for ImLive, has announced a new cashout method. Presenting AlephPay. Doing a WHOIS, the AlephPay domain name is only a year old, meaning the company can’t be that old either. PussyCash has made the announcement via email.


Original Email From PussyCash:

At Pussycash, we love giving our Affiliates the leading brands to work with to ensure they succeed in the webcam industry. It is also important to us that we offer Affiliates a wide selection of payment options to make life easier! Therefore, we have added a new payment method called AlephPay, a secured credit card by Mastercard. AlephPay offers an additional way for you to get paid via a non-bank, pre-paid (debit) MasterCard. It’s comfortable, it’s easy to use and most importantly it provides a secure payment solution!


Information On AlephPay Fees

Processing, delivery and activation of the card will cost $25 for the US and Canada and $35 for the rest of the world. There are no MasterCard cash withdrawal fees and there will never be interest charged on your purchases. However, AlephPay will charge a 2% deposit fee for each deposit made into your AlephPay app account, and a $3 monthly fee for them to manage your account for you.


More Information On PussyCash

Interested in becoming an ImLive affiliate? You can either signup here or learn more about PussyCash by checking out the link below. PussyCash is the official affiliate program of ImLive. In addition to promoting ImLive, affiliates will also be able to promote a wide range of other sites in the PussyCash network. PussyCash offers a revshare, PPS and PPL, plus all the promo tools an affiliate needs to promote the offers.

Learn More: PussyCash – Official ImLive Affiliate Program

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