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List of Websites Adult Models Can Use For Advertising

Promotion is a huge part of being a performer in the adult industry. Doesn’t matter whether you’re camming, selling clips or offering other services. There’s tons of different ways to promote your services, and tons of sites that models can market through. Here’s a list of sites you can use to promote your services, separated by category.


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Social Media

Social media is a very easy and effective marketing channel. Because most people are already on multiple social networks, they already know how to use the platforms. Now it’s simply for promotion instead of using a personal account. There’s several social networks that allow for adult content. For the social media sites that don’t, you can still use them for promotion, you just have to get a little creative.

Twitter – Twitter is by far the most popular social network for the adult industry. Twitter is adult-friendly (make sure to indicate that your site is adult in nature). That means you’re able to post nude / sexual content and links to adult content. You’ll find camgirls, pornstars, promo accounts and all other types of adult content on Twitter. Twitter also is a great content for getting shares and reaching new people.

Tumblr – Tumblr is the other mainstream social media account that allows for adult (NSFW) content. It’s important that you set your account to containing adult content to keep from getting banned! Tumblr is also highly cusotmizable. You’re even able to hack the HTML of the themes! Just make sure to not go too heavy on the advertising, as blogs get banned for that.

Instagram – Instagram isn’t adult-friendly, but can still be used for promotion. Just make sure there’s no nudity or over-sexualized content on your account. Many models do link to their websites via their Instagram account (most of which contain adult-content) so that is one way you can directly drive traffic from Instagram. For your current customers, you can simply tell them when you’re going online or have new clips available. Also be sure to use your stage-name as your account name, in case people find you and Google your name!

Facebook – Facebook is another social network that isn’t adult-friendly, but can still be used to promote your services. It’s very important to make sure that you don’t post any nudity or over-sexualized content. You also shouldn’t share links to any. One common tactic is to watermark any SFW photos you post with a website address. Also, indicate what sites you’re on via your profile information and use your stage-name as your account/page name.

Google+ – Google+ is very similar to Facebook. Google+ isn’t adult-friendly, but the same tactics as Facebook apply. You should  use your stagename as your Google+ name. You can also watermark images with addresses and indicate what networks you’re performing on.

OnlyFans – OnlyFans is a new “premium” social network. Not only can you market over OnlyFans, you can also make money from the network! OnlyFans allows you to set a monthly subscription to access your content. All content (except text) is censored until the user pays to follow. OnlyFans also allows adult content, as long as it’s not anything public (avatar / cover). If you only want to use OnlyFans for promotion, you can set the price to free.

YouTube – YouTube doesn’t allow for nudity or anything over sexualized, but the popular video site can still be used for promotion. In fact, there’s camgirls that have become YouTube celebrities, which also opens up opportunities into the mainstream. Simply being a YouTube personality is enough to build up name recognition and sales. You don’t need to link to anything, as people will start Googling. For something more blunt and direct, can always talk about your shows, fetishes you cater to, ect.

Vimeo – Vimeo is a little bit more relaxed than YouTube is, but the site still isn’t adult-friendly. The same tactics for promoting through YouTube apply, although you don’t have to worry about flying too close to the sun.

DailyMotion – DailyMotion is the adult-friendly alternative to both YouTube and Vimeo. DailyMotion allows full nudity, just no penetration or anything too sexual. It doesn’t have nearly the amount of traffic as either YouTube or Vimeo, but is a lot more friendly to those in the industry.


Model Directory Sites

Model directory sites are very popular and get a lot of traffic. Keep in mind that there might be some requirements to get listed in certain sites. These requirements might include doing a link exchange or running  an affiliate program. If you’re not already running a website, there’s free model website builders that can handle either of those requirements.

FreeOnes – FreeOnes is a very popular model directory, forum and community. If you’re in the industry long enough, it’s likely that you’ll eventually get added to FreeOnes. Otherwise, it’s possible to get into the network and request a profile on the site. – is a website setup for ModelCentro models. In order to be featured on, you must have a ModelCentro site with an affiliate program enabled. There’s also requirements as far as number of uploaded clips and galleries. features activity from ModelCentro models, including when models go online and upload new content.


Review Sites

For many producers, review sites produce the best source of sales. That’s because a lot of the people browsing the review sites aren’t looking for free porn. They’re actually looking for honest reviews of the different sites before registering for them. That makes them extremely effective sites for marketing.

Rabbit Reviews – Rabbit Reviews is one of the oldest and most trusted porn review sites. If you’re running your own personal website, you’re able to submit it to Rabbit Reviews. Keep in mind that there’s certain standards that the website has to live up to.


Mobile Apps

Websites aren’t the only way to promote your services. Mobile apps make for great promotion as well. Here are the top mobile apps for promoting your services.

SnapChat – Snapchat is a very popular photo / video messaging app. Snapchat is a very popular marketing tool for adult stars. Many sites and networks also allow models to takeover their Snapchat accounts, getting you and your content in front of a whole new audience. In addition to using Snapchat for promotion, you can also make money through selling premium account submissions.

Instagram – Instagram is a very popular photo sharing app. Instagram doesn’t allow for adult content, but you can still use the platform for promotion. Just make sure to keep everything safe for work. Instagram can be very viral and there are a lot of girls that have become “Instafamous” as a result.

OnlyFans – OnlyFans is a social network where you can make money from monthly subscriptions. OnlyFans also comes with a mobile app for both Android and iOS. The OnlyFans app makes it easy to add new content to your account. You can upload existing photos / videos from your phone, or use the app to film new content. In addition to managing / adding content, you can also message and livestream through the mobile app.

TopDolls – TopDolls is a social networking game, based on photo and video sharing. Models upload their content, and the users vote on it. The Models receive “Diamonds” from their Fans for the content they like. Each Diamond is a point. The more diamonds a model gets, the higher the rank.


Porn-Pinning Sites

These sites are very similar to Pinterest but designed specifically for adult content. These sites enable you to pin photos or videos from different websites (your website or blog) as well as uploaded directly to the site. Many of these sites also allow for website links, enabling you to send traffic to your chatroom or website. – is the original porn-pinning site. also offers some features that will help you drive even more traffic to your site. You’re able to upload a banner that appears with all the pins. This banner will link to the website of your choice. This can be your website or even your chatroom or clip store.

Smutty – Smutty is a porn-pinning site. Users are able to pin photos and videos from around the web. Smutty has a unique feature where models and producers are able to claim their hashtags. Those hashtags become branded and will direct traffic to your site. Otherwise, Smutty can still be used to drive traffic through pinning content from your web properties.


Tube Sites

Tube sites have somewhat of a bad reputation, due to pirated content being uploaded onto them. They can be effective marketing tools, however. In addition to driving tons of traffic, some tube sites also pay publishers (especially amateurs) a percentage of the ad revenue from the content they upload. That means you’re able to generate revenue, while driving traffic.

It’s also worth mentioning that being active on the tube sites makes it easier to get your uploaded content removed, or even transferred over to your account. Users are also more likely to find your content first, rather than the stolen content. In this sense, being active on the tube sites makes it easier to fight the piracy and make sure it’s promo content instead of full video rips.

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