Adult Models: Guide To Selling Premium Snapchat Subscriptions

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Guide: Make Money Selling Premium Snapchat Access

Snapchat is a popular messaging app, that not only works as a valuable promotional tool, but can easily turn into a brand new revenue stream. Not only a new revenue stream, but a residual one at that! This has been a game-changer for adult performers. You see camgirls, big-name pornstars and other adult models taking to Snapchat, and entire networks popping-up that make it easy to process payments. Here’s everything you need to know about selling Snapchat adult Snapchat access.


Sites For Selling Subscriptions For Snapchat, Kik and More!

Network Percent



More Info

AdultMemberSites 75%-80% Yes Yes


FanCentro 75% Yes Yes


FanPage 75% No No FanPage
Erotifix 85% Yes No Erotifix
IndieBill 85% Yes No


IsMyGirl 70% Yes Yes IsMyGirl
JustForFans 70% Yes Yes


ManyVids 60% Yes Yes


Membershyp 70%-90% No No


Teddy's Girls 75% Yes Yes

Teddy’s Girls


Selling Premium Snapchat Tutorial


Table Of Contents:


What Is Premium Snapchat?

Premium Snapchat is where a pornstar / camming model charges for access to their Snapchat account. Premium Snapchat is not an official Snapchat feature. Because of this, a 3rd party must be used to accept payments (see above). Premium Snapchat is usually either subscription-based (charged by month, year, ect) or sold as “Lifetime Access”. This guide will go over everything you need to know about premium Snapchat.


What’s Required To Get Started?

The requirements are insanely simple. You need to be eighteen or older, a phone and the Snapchat app. That’s essentially it. If you’re registering for any of the actual Snapchat networks, you’ll need to provide a digital copy of ID for age verification. Any sites featuring adult models are required to verify the age of those featured on the site.


How Much Can You Make From Snapchat Subscriptions

The great thing about Snapchat subscriptions is the earning potential is fairly limitless. The more subscribers you have, the greater the monthly payouts. It’s up to each model to drive subscriptions and deliver quality Snaps to keep them subscribed. Thousands per month is definitely possible,  but there’s no guaranteed income.

Models who have a larger following / customer-base (from camming or offering other services) will definitely have an easier time ramping up their subscriber-base. Models that are proactive about promotion will also have better success. There’s a section further in this guide that goes over the various ways you’re able to promote your premium Snapchat.

Recently, premium Snapchat has blown up. Many models are claiming that they’re making more off their premium Snapchat than they are camming or clips. This is primarily due to the subscription-based nature of premium Snapchat. Premium Snapchat is also very appealing, due to the messaging capabilities (interacting with performers is a much more intimate experience than simply watching a video) and the whole ‘behind the scenes’ appeal.


Lifetime Access Vs Monthly Subscriptions Vs Yearly Subscriptions

There’s multiple ways that you can make money off Snapchat. You can either sell unlimited / lifetime access, or subscription-based access. The most common durations for subscription-based access is either monthly or yearly. You could also sell 6-month, 3-month, 2-month or any other duration you see fit. Some models will have different pricing tiers for different subscription durations.


Sites For Selling Snapchat Subscriptions

The best way to process payments and manage monthly subscriptions is through a network that supports Snapchat. The networks that specialize in Snapchat will even handle the monthly rebills. Models receive a notification whenever a new customer subscribes, as well as when they unsubscribe or a rebill doesn’t go through.

There are other sites (clip sites, camming sites) that can be used to sell premium Snapchat access, but don’t necessarily specialize in them. These sites can still be used for Snapchat subscriptions, but don’t contain helpful features, such as the rebills or subscription/unsubscriber notifications.

All these sites also have their own user-base and customer traffic. This traffic will help drive sales for your premium Snapchat and other services you might be offering. Having a flawless and complete profile helps you stand out from the crowd and makes this even more effective.

We’ve got the sites listed at the top of this post!


Step-By-Step Guide To Setting Up Premium Snapchat

Getting Snapchat up and running is simple and easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide to starting your premium Snapchat!

Step 1: Create A Snapchat Account: If you haven’t already created a Snapchat account, that is the 1st step. If you’ve already got a public / promotional account, you can run your private account on that account as well. That is done by creating a private story that only the premium subscribers can see.

Step 2: Signup For A Premium Snapchat Network: The payments for premium Snapchat aren’t actually done on Snapchat. In order to accept the payments from the subscriber, you’ll have to use a 3rd party service. We’ve got a list of premium Snapchat networks at the top of this page.

Step 3: Get Sales On The Snapchat Network: The Snapchat networks have customer traffic that can result in sales and subscriptions simply by being a part of that network. It’s still suggested to promote your premium Snapchat listings and drive your own sales as well.

Step 4: Adding New Subscribers To Snapchat: When you get a sale on one of the various Snapchat networks, you’ll be notified of the new subscriber. The notification will contain the subscribers username, so that you may add them to your private Snapchat story or account.

Step 5: Post To Your Private Snapchat: In order to retain the subscribers, you’ll need to post regularly to the Snapchat account. The more active the postings, the more likely the customers are to remain subscribed.

Step 6: Build Your Subscriber Base: The great thing about selling Snapchat subscriptions is that the income scales as your subscriber-base grows! The more subscribers, the greater the monthly income!


Posting Nudes / Explicit Content

One thing that is important to realize is that posting nudes and explicit content is against Snapchat’s terms and policies. But then again, so is accepting payment for access to a premium account, so all private / premium Snapchat is non-compliant in that regard. That being said; it’s sort of expected for a NSFW private account and basically everyone is doing it.

This does lead to Snapchat accounts being terminated for TOS violations. Be aware of this. This is one reason you might want to keep a public / promotional account separate from the premium Snap. This is opposed to running a premium Snapchat through the use of stories, which enables models to run a promotional and private on the same account.


Camming Shows On Snapchat

Although subscriptions are the primary way to monetize an adult Snapchat account, it’s not the only way. It’s also possible to host camming shows via Snapchat. There are three different ways to provide private shows on Snapchat, explained below:

Direct Messages: This is the simplest method for delivering snaps for a private session. Messages sent directly to your client can be replayed once before being automatically deleted (screenshots and screen recordings can still be done by your client on messages sent this way). If you want the messages to be able to be saved in the chat by the recipient, you will need to save the snaps individually and send them from the “memories” icon at the bottom of the chat window.

Video Call: The Snapchat video calling feature is rather cumbersome, but it can be used for one-on-one shows. The default view is full-screen on your client, with only a small circle view of what your client is seeing of you. It can be difficult to determine whether or not you’re in frame, showing them what they want to see. You can tap on the circle to change it to a full-screen view of the image you are sending, but this sometimes ends the call. Video calls are often choppy, low-quality, and frequently drop even when both parties have a strong WiFi or data signal.

Private Story: Snapchat lets you create stories that are visible only to certain “friends”, so if you want your client to be able to enjoy your snaps in an endless loop for 24 hours (screenshots and screen recordings can still be done by your client on messages sent this way), you can create a story visible only to them, and post the snaps there.

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Ways To Promote Your Premium Snapchat

Although the Snapchat directories do a lot to drive traffic that will result in potential sales, it’s still recommended that you do your own promotion as well. Here are the most effective ways to promote your premium Snapchat account:

Building A Following On Snapchat Networks

The premium Snapchat networks themselves can be the greatest marketing tool. The directories for these various sites already have customer traffic looking for accounts to subscribe to. Having a complete profile, including a bio, stats, network links, and anything else available will help surfers find you better. Also make sure to use the best profile photos possible. Anything to make you stand out in the directory, searches and other pages.

Social Media

Social media marketing is not only a great way to get traffic and sales, but it’s also 100% free. Odds are, most models already have personal social media accounts. Business / promotional accounts work just the same, eliminating the learning curve. There are some adult-friendly social networks, such as Twitter and Tumblr. For those that don’t allow for adult content, it’s still possible to market through them. You just need to get creative about it.

Snapchat Takeovers

A Snapchat takeover is where a model takes over another Snapchat account. This account might be a promotional account, one belonging to a company (tube sites all have them, for example) or another model’s public or premium account. The great thing about Snapchat takeovers is that everyone you’re reaching has Snapchat and follows adult performers. It’s easy to get them to follow your public or upsell to premium.

Website / Search Engines

A website can be one of the best marketing tools. A website works as a model’s main hub. It’s where you can list all the services offered and networks you’re part of. Thanks to a couple companies catering to adult stars, it’s possible to easily deploy your own website, 100% free and without having to do anything seriously technical. Websites also make it easy to tap into search engine traffic.

Forums, Communities, Review Sites and Directory Sites

There’s tons of adult forums, communities, review sites, model directory sites and other adult networks that you can promote your services on. Some of these networks are free, and you only need to register an account. Some of these networks (especially the review sites) require some sort of affiliate program to get listed on. Instructions on doing that listed below. Being in as many places as possible always helps with exposure and traffic.

Running An Affiliate Program

If you’re selling through FanCentro, the platform makes it incredibly easy to opt into affiliate promotion. Affiliate Marketing is where webmasters (affiliates) get paid commissions when they drive new sales. Affiliate marketing is a popular marketing tool, as there’s no upfront costs and the affiliates only get paid when they refer sales. Because the commissions will always be justified by the sale amount, affiliate marketing will always be profitable.


Warning About PayPal, Snapcash and Other Ways Of Accepting Payments

Many models will attempt to use PayPal and other platforms to accept payments for premium Snapchat access. Although this will work initially, it’s against the terms of most of these payment platforms. There’s not a whole lot of companies that are adult-friendly. And while it may work for a while (years for some models) eventually your account will be frozen and you’ll most likely lose all funds that haven’t been withdrawn from the platform. It’s best to make sure you’re using an adult-friendly platform from the very start.


Paying Taxes On Premium Snapchat (#ThotAudit)

Perhaps you’ve heard of the thought audit and the whole controversy over models allegedly not paying taxes on premium Snapchat. Although this is going on by models who are using PayPal, CashApp and other methods to collect money, it’s being done by a very small percentage. If you partner with a Snapchat network, they will 1099 you and you will end up paying taxes. If you try to bypass using PayPal and other payment processors, eventually your account will be banned for accepting payments for adult services (see above paragraph).

That being said, the #ThotAudit is incredibly stupid for that fact. Most performers do pay tax on premium Snapchat. For those that aren’t, it’s important to go with a compliant company, as there are people targeting girls who are selling premium Snapchat.


Running A Public and Premium Snapchat Account

It’s possible to run both a public Snapchat and a premium Snapchat on the same account. In fact, there’s also multiple ways you can do this. You can either use the Snapchat settings to switch between Everyone and Friends Only (friends being the premium subscribers). Or, a much more simple method, stories can be used for public / premium Snapchat.

Running a public Snapchat is great for promotion. Public Snapchats can be used to up-sell your public subscribers to premium. The public account can also be used to promote any other content or services you’re offering.

Keep in mind that you run the risk of getting a Snapchat account banned. If you’re running both the premium and promotional Snapchat on the same account, that means if one gets banned, the other also gets banned. That’s one reason why you might consider keeping your promo and premium accounts separate.


Snapchat Privacy Concerns: Protecting Your Identity

Privacy is a major concern for all adult stars, regardless of what services they’re offering. Selling Snapchat is no different. Also, there’s some major privacy concerns within the app itself! Make sure to turn on Ghost Mode, or else the app will display your location! Definitely something you don’t want. Also make sure to not take any snaps that include easily identifiable structures or landscapes that can easily link you to where you live.


Instagram For Camgirls Also Sell Premium Instagram Subscriptions

Snapchat isn’t the only social media network you can sell premium subscriptions for. Instagram is another app that can be monetized in the same fashion. In fact, many of the networks that can be used for selling Snapchat subscriptions can also be used to monetize Snapchat. Many of the same issues with Snapchat also apply to Instagram. For example; the fact that both networks technically aren’t adult-friendly. You can learn more about selling premium Instagram subscriptions by checking out the link below.

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More Adult Services You Can Offer

There’s tons of other adult services that models can get paid offering. Getting started with any of them are easy. There might be some equipment requirements, but that is basically it. Get paid offering these other services:

Live Webcam Shows

Live camming shows are revolutionizing the adult industry. Camming is very popular and can be very lucrative for performers. There’s many different networks, all with different features and functionality, that makes it very easy to get started. Make money from private 1-on-1 sessions, or from tip goals and tip games in public chat.

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Producing and Selling Clips / Galleries

Producing and selling your own adult content is another way to get into the adult industry. The great thing about selling adult content is that you don’t need to be online in order to make sales. There’s tons of sites and networks to partner with that will let you upload your amateur content, set your price and sales will occur in the background.

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Phone Sex - Talking and Texting

Phone sex is one of the oldest forms of adult entertainment. Mobile technology has done a lot to revolutionize it. Now you can get calls routed directly to your mobile phone. In addition to paid calls, you can also get paid to text. Your phone number is connected through a 3rd party and encrypted, keeping your contact information and identity safe and secure.

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Adult Skype Shows

Skype shows are very similar to camming but different in a lot of ways. You don’t have a public chat room with Skype chat. Pretty much every show is charged by the minute and most shows are scheduled and booked in advance. Skype shows have great earning potential but require a little bit more work with marketing and booking. Luckily  there’s tools to help.

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Running A Fanclub

Starting a membership site will create a residual income from monthly rebills. When you run your own membership site, you’re fans must pay to gain access to the Members Only section that contains all the content. There are tools and platforms out there that let you easily deploy your own membership sites, 100% free and with minimal technical knowledge.

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Selling Tangibles - Panties, Signed Photos, Toys and More!

Selling tangibles is also a great way to make some extra cash. There’s a huge market for worn panties and other lingerie. It doesn’t stop there though. Signed photos, used toys, art and anything else you can imagine can be sold. Hell, you can get a chocolate molding of your butthole made and offer that to your fans. Get creative. Keep in mind that tangibles do require shipping, making it a little bit more involved than the sale of digital goods.

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