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How To Sell Adult Instagram Subscriptions

Instagram isn’t only a valuable marketing tool. It’s also possible to make money off premium Instagram subscriptions. There’s even networks out there designed specifically for camgirls and pornstars in mind. These sites make it easy to charge for Instagram subscriptions and even have their own directories, which gain you exposure and sales. Selling Instagram subscriptions also builds a residual income. That’s because the customers have to keep paying the monthly subscription in order to keep accessing the content. Here’s all the details on selling premium Instagram subscriptions.


Instagram Subscriptions Build A Residual Income

The great thing about selling premium Instagram subscriptions, is that it builds a residual income. Unless you’re selling lifetime access, of course. When selling monthly subscriptions (or subscription packages) the customer will have to keep paying the monthly fee in order to access the content. The more subscribers, the greater the monthly revenue. As long as the performer has an active Instagram and is actively promoting it, the number of subscribers (and the monthly income) should keep going up as a result.


How To Charge For Instagram Subscriptions

The easiest way to charge for subscriptions is by using one of the networks dedicated to Instagram sales. Because these sites are meant for selling Instagram access, they’ve got tools that will help models. For example; performers get notifications everytime there’s a new subscriber, or someone unsubscribes or a rebill fails. This makes it easy to manage the subscribers and add/remove them accordingly. The networks also have a high percentage, as far as adult networks go. Whatever you do, don’t use PayPal or similar services! They are not adult friendly, your account will get banned and any funds will be frozen. Cryptocurrency is a good way to go if you want to go the total indie route. Here are the sites for selling Instagram subscriptions.



FanCentro: Sell Adult Snapchat and Instagram Subscriptions

FanCentro is a platform developed by the same company behind ModelCentro. FanCentro is dedicated towards Snapchat and Instagram subscriptions. FanCentro models get 75% of all revenue and the company provides all the tools to manage their subscribers. Plus, get increased exposure by being featured in the directory. FanCentro also allows models to opt into getting promoted by affiliates through MCProfits. You can learn more about FanCentro by checking out the link below.

Learn More: Selling Snapchat / Instagram Subscriptions On FanCentro


Membershyp: Sell Adult Snapchat Subscriptions

Membershyp: Make Money Off Social Media Subscriptions

Membershyp is a network for monetizing a wide range of social media accounts, from the same people who brought you SkyPrivate. In addition to Instagram, Membershyp models can also sell subscriptions to Snapchat, Kik and WhatsApp. Membershyp is the only adult network dedicated to all those networks. Plus, get additional exposure by being added to the Membershyp directory. Membershyp models can make up to 90%. You can learn more about the network by checking out the link below.

Learn More: Selling Adult Social Media Subscriptions On Membershyp


Remember: Instagram Doesn’t Allow Nudity / Adult

It’s important to remember that Instagram doesn’t allow for nudity or adult content. Even if you’re completely compliant with all their terms, there’s still the risk of your account being banned for being adult. Even “Partially Nude” is listed as being against their terms. By having a private account, you have a better chance of “flying under the radar”, as only your subscribers are exposed to the content.


How To Use Instagram Live

Instagram has a “live” feature, very similar to live camming. This can really increase the value of having a subscription to your profile due to the intimate nature of live communications. You can also “highlight” your live story so it saves to your story for the following 24 hours. This gives all of your members a chance to catch it, just in case they missed it. Instagram also notifies your followers when you go live, so your viewers won’t be left out when you go live.


Instagram Stories: Behaves Just Like Snapchat Stories

The story feature on Instagram is pretty much the exact same as Snapchat, although Snapchat does have cuter graphics (sorry Instagram, but we’re breaking your TOS anyway so does it really matter if we trash talk at this point?) But Instagram has more “customizable” features within their story, such as more photo filters, lots of graphics, and customizable fonts. It also features the ability to run polls and hashtag your stories.

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