Self-Booking Porn Shoots (And Places To Apply)

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Pornstars: How To Self-Book Porn Shoots

If you’re interested in getting started in professional / mainstream porn, there’s two routes to go about doing it. You can either partner with an agency or you can self-book. If you partner with an agency, the agency will book shoots for you. They’ll also try to arrange them within a specific time frame, so that way you can hit them all during a single trip to town. It’s also possible to self-book. Self-booking is where you book the shoot directly with the producer / studio, cutting the agency out of the equation. For models that are represented by an agency, it might still be possible to self-book, assuming it’s allowed by the contracts signed.


If An Agency Turns You Down, Self-Booking Is The Only Option

It’s important to note that for some performers, self-booking might be the only option available. Agencies don’t have to choose to represent everyone who applies with them and they have the right to turn down applicants. Agencies might refuse representation for a wide range of reasons. If this occurs, self-booking is one of the few options on the table. If this happens to you, one of the other solutions is to look into some of the indie services such as cammingclips or phone sex.

It’s also possible to apply to work directly with the producers. If this is the route you want to go, you can find a number of places where you can self-book listed below.


Places Where You Can Self-Book Shoots

Abby Winters – Abby Winters is a porn site specializing in amateur content. They’re located in The Netherlands, but have locations and production partners all over the globe. Opportunities range from light nude modeling, to softcore, lesbian and even some occasional boy/girl. Abby Winters is interested in natural amateur girls.

FTVGirls – One of the biggest names in pro-am / nude modeling / softcore content. FTVGirls is looking for applicatins for beginner / first time adult models. Shoots occur in Arizona, USA. – is the biggest name in bondage / BDSM. Kink used to be out in California (filmed in the iconic Armory in San Francisco) but recently moved out to Nevada. At the bottom of the site, there’s a link for potential models who are interested in shooting for Kink, as well as information for potential models.

Wasteland – Wasteland doesn’t have a form to fill out to apply for a porn shoot. Instead, they ask models to shoot an email to Support (at) Wasteland asks that you include links to any model profiles you have (onemodelplace, model mayhem, twitter, facebook etc.). If you do not have any modeling profiles or professional photo shoots, simply mention that you can supply photos during the follow-up e-mail conversation.


What’s Better: Agencies Or Self-Booking?

Partnering with an agency will definitely get you more gigs. A lot more gigs. You can expect to be getting multiple shoots every time you fly into town (Either LA or Florida). They also do all the ground-work and know all the major producers in the areas that they’re licensed and bonded in. If you’re completely new to the industry, this definitely helps. A lot!

There are plenty of pornstars who leave agencies and start self-booking later on in their careers, once they’ve developed name recognition and good contacts. This enables them to ditch the agency and the fees the agencies take. Being that they have the name power, they can do that.

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