Pornhub Adds Regional Blocking To Verified Amateur Program

Pornhub Marketing For Camgirl Models

Pornhub Now Offering Geo-Blocking For Verified Amateurs

Popular tube site Pornhub has announced an exciting new feature for the verified amateur program. Regional blocking is now available for amateurs. Currently, the regional blocking is only available on the country-level. MindGeek did mention that blocking on the state-level (for US models) will be available in the future. There’s a chance that blocking specific provinces / regions might become a future feature as well.


More Information On The Pornhub Amateur Program

Interested in learning more about the Pornhub Verified Amateur Program? You can either signup now, or learn more about the program by checking out the link below. Not only can Pornhub be a great promotional tool, but they also offer a revenue-share for all the verified amateur accounts. This allows you to make money off the platform. More views you get, more money you’ll get paid.

Learn More: Become A Pornhub Verified Amateur


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