Pornhub / Modelhub Twitter Auto-Tweets


Connect Pornhub and Modelhub To Twitter

Pornhub has announced an exciting new feature for Pornhub Verified Amateurs and Modelhub models. Performers are now able to integrate Pornhub with their Twitter accounts. Once a Twitter account is synced, it’ll automatically tweet out when a new video is added or when a video is sold via Modelhub. This greatly helps with promotion. Here’s all the details.


How To Set It Up

Setting up the Twitter automation is insanely simple. Just head over to the Model Settings area and scroll down to the Twitter integration section. You’ll be able to enable auto-tweets for the following:

  • Each Sale On Modelhub
  • New Video Upload
  • Fan-Only Video Upload

You’ll also be able to configure the max amount of tweets per video today and the max number of total tweets per day. This helps keep your Twitter handle from getting too spammy and helps avoid shadow bans.


More Information On Pornhub / Modelhub

Interested in becoming a Pornhub / Modelhub model? You can either signup here or learn more about the various model programs by checking out the link below. Pornhub is the largest tube sites and performers can make money several different ways. Get paid per free video view, paid from clip downloads, by running a fanclub and much more. Now Pornhub Verified Amateurs and Modelhub models can also take advantage of the new Twitter automation.

Learn More: Make Money On Pornhub

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