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Modelhub / Pornhub Custom Videos

Modelhub, the clip store powered by Pornhub, has a custom content platform. Through this platform, customers are able to request customs from Modelhub models. There’s tons of advantages to producing custom content. Customs go for more than a pre-recorded clip and can even be resold afterwards. If the customs aren’t resold, they’re generally marked up significantly for the clips to be kept exlusive. Here’s all the details on Modelhub’s new custom content feature.


Promotional Percentage: 80% Through December

For the month of December, payouts on Custom Videos will be 80%, then it’ll go down to 65% like the pre-recorded videos on Modelhub.


You’re In Complete Control Over Customs and Pricing

  • You control whether or not to offer custom videos.
  • You control what you’re willing to include in your custom videos.
  • You control how much to charge for every single detail of a video, from the length, to the video quality, to the acts you perform, to the clothes you wear.


Modelhub Custom Content Fields / Features

Description: Enter a message that will be displayed at the top of your Custom Videos order form. Try writing something that will entice your fans to order a video, and outline any guidelines or requirements you have.

Base Price: This is the baseline price to order a Custom Video from you. The price it costs to even start a video, before any extras. The price must be between $50 and $1000.

Film Duration: Choose what video lengths you want to offer. 5 minutes is the default, so if you check it off, it will be included. You can add additional prices for each other video length you want to offer – for example, $10 for each additional 5 minutes (you can choose any price up to $500).

Resolution: Give your fans the option to pay extra for a higher-resolution video.

Delivery Time: 3-4 weeks is the standard delivery time for Custom Videos. You can let your fans pay extra for a faster delivery, if you want. Make sure to charge appropriately for your time!

Exclusive: Give your fans the option to pay extra for the video to be exclusive, meaning you can’t post it anywhere else. We recommend charging a big premium for this, if you enable it.

Extras: Choose what acts and/or services you’ll offer for your videos, and what price to charge for them. Choose from our comprehensive list, and add up to 6 custom extras of your choice.


More Information On Modelhub

Interested in becoming a Modelhub model? You can either signup here or learn more about the network by checking out the link below. Modelhub is a clip and fanclub platform powered by Pornhub. Being that it’s by Pornhub, Modelhub is highly integrated into the Pornhub Verified Amateur Program, as well as YouPorn.

Learn More: Modelhub – Clips, Fanclubs and Customs Powered by Pornhub

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