Withdrawing Cryptocurrency Payouts From Pornhub


Getting Paid In Verge Coin By Pornhub

So Pornhub offers payouts in cryptocurrency, but it’s in Verge Coin (XVG). What the hell is that and how do you turn it into actual money? There are a few steps to doing this, but it’s not too complicated. Basically what you’ll do is:


Turning Verge Coin Into Cash:

  • Get an XVG wallet where you can receive your payouts
  • Trade the XVG to BTC (or anything else you’d like to use later on)
  • Cash out or use it however you want.


Get An XVG Wallet

Since we’re going to trade the XVG coins anyway I simply registered an account on Binance and used that account to receive the payouts.

After registering, the first thing you want to do is go to Funds->Balances

There you want to search for XVG using the search bar and click on ‘Deposit’ when you find it.


On the next page you’ll see your XVG Deposit address. Copy this.

XVG Deposit


Setup Pornhub Payouts

When you have your XVG Deposit Address on your clipboard head over to your Pornhub profile. Go to Profile->Model->Settings and scroll down to Payment method. Here you should select Verge (Crypto Currency) and enter your XVG Deposit Address that you just copied a minute ago.

Configure Verge Payouts On Pornhub

After you reach your payout limit you’ll receive the coins to your wallet and you can start trading with them!

Binance Success Email


Turning XVG Into Something More Useful

Binance is a crypto trading platform. There are tons of articles that go really deep into trading on Binance, so I won’t go into too much detail here. If you want to trade crypto and make a profit, you can start using your XVG right away. To turn it into BTC or Ether, or something that you might then turn into actual cash (through Bitcoin ATMs, or whatever your preferred method) you need to open the trading panel on Binance.

Binance Trading Platform

To do this go to Exchange->Basic on the top left. Here you need to search for XVG, and you need to fill out the form that says ‘Sell XVG’. Enter the amount you want to sell (turn into BTC), which is usually all of it and hit ‘Sell XVG’.


Exchanging XVG To BTC On Binance

You have to realize that this is not going to be instantaneous. You might end up waiting a few minutes, or even a few hours for your XVG to sell, but eventually it will. After this you’ll have the BTC in your BTC wallet on Binance. You can transfer it anywhere from here. To do that simply go to Funds->Balances like you did at the first step. This time search for BTC and click on ‘Withdrawal’. You’ll be presented with a withdrawal form where you can enter any BTC wallet address you want to transfer your precious coins to.

I’d advice a physical key, an app or something. If you insist on using an online wallet, such as Coinbase, you really have to be careful. Coinbase is for example not adult friendly. They usually don’t check for more than 10 hops so if you move your BTC around a bit before transferring it to your Coinbase account you should be fine, but I’d rather use a wallet on my phone / PC because hey, if you don’t own your keys, you don’t actually own your coins either!

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