Pornhub Announces Release Of Clip Store Functionality


Models Can Start Selling Videos On Pornhub

Pornhub, the world’s most popular tube site, made an exciting announcement via their blog.  Accordingly to the tube site, sometime around June 2018, performers in the Pornhub Verified Amateur Program will be able to sell content via the tube site. The functionality will work very similarly to how the clip stores operate. When uploading a clip, a performer has the option to make it free or to add a price to the video. Any videos that have previously been uploaded can be turned into a store item by going in and editing the video. Here’s all the details.


How To Sell Your videos On Pornhub

It’s possible to go back and change any existing video from free to for sale. It’s also possible to indicate this for all newly uploaded clips. To make a video for sale, simply click on the “For Sale” tab under the privacy settings.

Selling Videos On Pornhub

Once selected, you will be able to set a number of options, including the price. Videos can be priced anywhere between $1 and $150.


Pornhub Premium: Make Revshare Off Premium Views

In the same settings, you’re also able to indicate whether your video is included Pornhub Premium. If included, Pornhub Premium members will be able to view the content whether they bought the clip or not, and you’ll be eligible for premium viewshare revenue. Viewshare pays out a monthly rate per thousand views on your content and that rate is based on the program’s performance in that particular month.


More Information On The Pornhub Amateur Program

Interested in becoming a Pornhub Amateur? You can signup here, or learn more about the program by checking out the link below. The Pornhub Verified Amateur Program allows pornstars to make money from a number of different ways. All amateur program content earns a revshare from the ads displayed with the content. Performers are also able to list website links (drive traffic) and integrate their FanCentro to sell Snapchat subscriptions. coming soon, performers will also be able to sell their premium content on the platform!

Learn More: Get Started With The Pornhub Amateur Program

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