Compete In The Pornhub Amateur Of The Month Contest and Win!

Compete In The Pornhub Amateur Of The Month Contest and Win!

Amateur Porn Producers: Join The Pornhub Competition!

If you’re an amateur porn producer and want to make some extra money, then you should enter the Pornhub Amateur of the Month contest! Each month, Pornhub selects a winner for Amateur of the Month, Newcomer of the Month and Top Video of the Month. In addition of winning cash prizes, the winners get featured on the main competition page. Pornhub also pays a revshare based on the video views your content gets, so you earn money just for uploading your videos, regardless of whether you win or lose!


Monthly Winners For Best Amateur, Best Newcomer and Best Video

There are three categories. Each category gets a different prize. The prizes are as follows:

  • Amateur of the Month: $1,000
  • Newcomer of the Month: $500
  • Video of the Month: $250


Also Compete For Amateur of the Year!

In addition to competing for Amateur of the month, amateur porn producers can also compete in the Amateur of the Year competition. The Amateur of the Year competition works just the same, except the winners are only chosen once a year, it’s much more prestigious and the cash rewards are higher. The Pornhub prizes for the annual awards are as follows:

  • Amateur of the Year: $10,000
  • Newcomer of the Year: $2,000
  • Video of the Year: $2,000


All Amateurs Also Earn Money From All Video Views

Winning the competition isn’t the only way to make money as a Pornhub amateur producer. Pornhub pays a revenue-share based on the views that your videos get. The more content you produce and the better quality the content, the more money you’ll earn! The best part about it is your videos will continue to get views for as long as they’re hosted on the site, earning you a residual income. As you build up your subscriber base, you’ll start getting more views for each new piece of content you upload, earning you more money.


Use Pornhub To Build Traffic and Name Recognition

If you’re working as a performer in the adult industry, whether you’re a pornstar, webcam model, content seller or any other type of adult performer, being a Pornhub amateur is a great way to build name recognition. Tube sites such as Pornhub are highly trafficked and will gain you great exposure. Having your profile page associated to all your videos makes it really easy for people to learn more about you, what services you offer and where to find you.

You’re also able to watermark your content with your website name or logo. Watermarking your content will let surfers know where to find more of your content and get in touch with you. People will search for your name or key in the url, driving traffic to your site. From there they can learn what services you offer and how to purchase your content or shows.


Get Started As A Pornhub Producer Today!

Ready to get started as a Pornhub amateur porn producer? Signup today! Registration is quick and easy and once you’re verified, you can start uploading your adult videos. Not only can you then compete in the Amateur of the Month competition, but you can start earning that revshare from the views your video content gets. Start building up your following and become an adult celebrity today!


Also Make Money Selling Your Adult Videos

If you’re a Pornhub content producer, did you know that you can also get paid from uploading and selling your content? There’s many sites out there that you can sell your amateur videos on. Registration is quick and simple and you can start earning right away. The sites handle all the payment processing and delivery of the content. You simply upload the content, set the price and you’re good to go!

Get Started: Sites For Selling Adult Videos


More Contests For Camgirls and Amatuer Porn Producers

Looking for more contests to compete in? We’ve got a list of tons of different adult sites that allow models to compete for cash and prizes. New contest are being added all the time. Here’s the list of competitions for adult models. It’ll let you quickly see what kind of competitions each site throws and how often. To keep up on new competitions, check that page often and keep an eye on our adult industry news section. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter, which we use to share all new contests added to our site.


Learn More About The Pornhub Amateur Program

Winning in competitions isn’t the only way to get paid partnering with Pornhub. Pornhub amateurs also get a share of all revenue generated from the site. All you have to do is get verified, and all video views you receive can earn you cash. In addition to making money, it also builds exposure for your content and the other services that you offer. It’s a way of reaching thousands (to millions) of viewers, promoting your services and earning extra income in the process.

Learn More: Make Money As A Pornhub Amateur


More Tube Sites That Partner With Porn Producers

Pornhub isn’t the only network producers can earn money from. There’s tons of different tube sites that offer different partner programs. Earn a revshare off the advertisements, generate traffic to your website, build your following and interact with your fans and followers. Tons of tube sites offer partnership programs, the ability to sell your adult videos, live camming and more. Check out the different partnership programs offered by the different tube sites.

Learn More: Make Money Partnering With Porn Tube Sites


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