Podcast 24: Twitter’s TOS, SkyPrivate Phone Sex App and More!

Episode 24: Discussing Current Industry Events

There’s no real topic for today. We’ll just be going over all the latest things going on in the industry, plus everything new going on on Webcam Startup. The big news is Twitter’s TOS and how it impacts the adult industry. SkyPrivate has also released their new phone sex app, BongaCams has announced their Spy House series that will be happening in Europe and much more. Here’s what we’ll be discussing.


Week In Review:

Camming Sites Using Cosmo Payment – Directory of camming sites that have partnered with Cosmo Payment for model, studio and affiliate payouts. Cosmo Payment is a company that popped up after Choice Bank’s liquidity woes, and multiple camming sites have partnered with them for international payments.

Twitter’s Updated TOS (Impact On Camgirls) – Twitter’s latest TOS update has caused quite a bit of commotion in the adult-industry. As we all know, Twitter has been getting less-and-less adult friendly over the years, and this new update is a major leap.

Camgirl Moving Tips by Aerie – Aerie shares some moving advice and tips for camgirls, clip producers and other adult performers.

Filing A Business: S-Corp vs LLC by Katy – Katy Churchill gives some information on filing a business and contrastss LLCs vs S-Corps.

Instagram Privacy Concerns For Camgirls by Mika – Empress Mika details some of the major privacy concerns for Instagram, how the app makes real-life connections and tips on how to protect yourself.

AMA (Ask Me Anything) With TwoThornedRose – Instagram AMA with award-winning camgirl TwoThornedRose. TwoThornedRose answers questions from Aerie and our Instagram followers.

AMA (Ask Me Anything) With Katy Churchill – Instagram AMA with camgirl, Skype model, clip producer, Webcam Startup contributor and self-proclaimed “Internet Whore” Katy Churchill. Katy answers questions from Aerie and our Instagram followers.

SkyPrivate’s New Phone Sex Android App – SkyPrivate has announced the launch of their new phone sex app. The app works very similarly to the Skype app. Eventually the service will be app-free, therefore available on all devices. Currently, it’s only available on Android.

IndieBill Rebranding / Changing Name – IndieBill, a service for selling content, Skype shows and Snapchat subscriptions has announced their plans to rebrand. Right now, it only sounds like a simple name change.

BongaCams New Voyeur / Spy Cam House – BongaCams is launching a new spy cam series that is going to take place all across Europe. The cam house is all inclusive with pay, prizes and other perks.

BongaCams Announces Spring Bikini Contest – BongaCams announces their Bikini Contest, going on during the month of May, 2018. This is a Twitter photo contest, and the performer with the most Twitter likes wins!

Flirt4Free’s 2018 Fiesta De Mayo – Flirt4Free announces their 2018 Fiesta De Mayo. This is a multi-day event, going on from the 2nd to the 5th of May, 2018. Contests and prizes!

CAM4’s Roll the Dice Contest – CAM4 has announced their roll the dice contest. This is going on between May 7th and the 20th, 2018. Contest is based on all revenue from CAM4’s Roll the Dice feature.

CAM4 Adds ePay Services and Paxum – CAM4 has added both Paxum and ePay Services to their list of supported cashout methods. This comes in the wake of Choice Bank’s liquidity issues and FirstChoice Pay going out of business.


Other News:

“End Banking for Human Traffickers Act of 2018” (EBHTA) Hot on the heels of SESTA/FOSTA, there’s a new bill aimed at targeting human trafficking. This new bill, the End Banking For Human Traffickers Act”, targets the transfer of money and the banking system.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Ending WHOIS? -The General Data Protection Regulation is something that we haven’t discussed much, as it’s European, but it’s also having a massive impact on a lot of web-based services. You’ve probably gotten the emails about all the sites you’re on updating their privacy policy. This is because of GDPR. This piece of news caught my attention, due to the impact it has on the adult industry.


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