Podcast 7: 2018 Camming / Adult Industry Predictions

Webcam Startup Podcast: Camland Predictions For 2018

In this episode of the Webcam Startup Podcast / Live Hangout, we discuss the latest things going on in the camming industry and discuss our 2018 predictions. We covered everything from live camming on ManyVids, to cryptocurrency, to the future of tube sites and “Free Porn”. Tons of different opinions on a wide range of issues. Not all of us agreed on everything, but we all agreed that these are all very important and relevant topics.


Week In Review Items:

FanCentro Announces New Discount Feature – FanCentro announces their new coupon feature. Now FanCentro influencers can run coupons and deals on their Snapchat subscriptions.

Katy Churchill Skype Guide – Comprehensive Skype guide by Katy Churchill. Goes into the basics, how to accept payments, common scams to avoid, networks and tools, plus much more.

How To Do The Daddy Fetish by Aerie_SM – Aerie breaks down the daddy fetish. Learn more about the daddy fetish, including how to do daddy fetish clips and camming shows.

Starting A Camming / Clip Studio – There’s a lot that goes into creating a camming studio. It’s a lot more than just creating a studio account and shooting out the signup links. Our guide goes over everything you need to know to get started with your studio.

Katy Churchill On Producing Fetish Videos – Katy Churchill gives some tips on how to start producing fetish clips. Katy also gives some examples of some of her most profitable (and crazier) fetishes.

MyFreeCams Affiliate Program – Everything you ever needed to know about the MyFreeCams affiliate program, powered by CrakRevenue.

iWantEmpire Announces 7,500 New Performers Join – iWantEmpire announces 7,500 new performers in 2017. This is a huge number, and it’s interesting that iWantEmpire would release these numbers.

Pirates Using ManyVids Fanclubs To Scrape Content – A pirate has been using the ManyVids fanclub feature to scrape videos and publish them to pirate sites. Learn more and contact Aerie to learn how to identify the thief and protect yourself.

Red Flags To Look For In Glamour Shoots – Alice Snow shares some tips on what type of red flags to look for during a glamour shoot, and the various ways that photographers try taking advantage of models.

(Updated For 2018) Everything About DMCA – We’ve updated our DMCA content. Learn everything you need to know about submitting DMCA notices, including how to protect your privacy and identity and the various tools available.

Web Design / Development For Adult Performers – We’ve also updated our web development content. Web development keeps getting easier, and there’s tons of platforms and tools designed specifically for performers.


The 2018 Predictions We Came Up With:

And now it’s time for the 2018 adult industry / Camland predictions. We discuss a lot, but the main points are highlighted below. These predictions represent the majority of the opinion from the people in the hangouts. Not necessarily the opinions of everyone.


2018 will be the year of the BBW Model!

BBW is already a popular category, and multiple people think that BBW will continue to trend. It seems like mainstream is even starting to trend away from the tall and skinny models to more curvy and voluptuous models.


Giantess and Vore Fetishes Will Also Continue Growing

It was also predicted that giantess as well as gore fetishes will also continue to grow in 2018. In earlier years, giantess was one of the largest growing fetishes, and it continues to grow. Vore is a fetish that often-times fits into giantess and it’s predicted that it’ll grow with it.


Social Media Will Continue Pushing Adult Away

Social media and other networks have continuously getting stricter with adult content and adult performers. Twitter and Tumblr both got stricter and Patreon gave adult the boot. It’s predicted this trend will continue, and we might loose some networks like Onlyfans.


Snapchat Is Going To Go Out Of Business

People are speculating that Snapchat might go out of business, or might get acquired by another company. Snapchat isn’t solvent and is losing money.


Will ManyVids Release Live Camming For All Models?

Everyone agreed that the MV Takeover isn’t performing as well as many people anticipated. Because of that, there’s reason for skepticism on whether or not it’ll be released to the entire model community.


More Producers Will Go G-Rated Fetish Content

It’s been predicted that more professional studios will catch on to the fetish trend and start catering to that crowd. A lot of the fetish stuff is non-nude / non-explicit. This trend might cross-over to the professional porn industry. It’s also speculated that this could have an impact on indie model profits on the various clip sites.


BitVids and Crypto-Currency

The conversation turns to BitVids (which seems like a fairly shady network, not even a 2257 Compliance Statement) and that turned the conversation to crypto-currency. There’s several “adult crypto currencies” promoting ICO and debuting. There’s some mixed emotion on crypto and it’s role in the industry.


Will NexoCams Succeed Or Crash?

The majority believe that NexoCams will fail. CamYou also hasn’t found success and Camgasm shut their doors. It seems like none of the big box sites are really doing good at launching new networks.


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