Podcast 16: Camming Model SEO and Industry News

Podcast 16: SEO Overview and Adult Industry News

Today, we’re going to be going over Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO seems complex (and a lot of the time it is) but it’s well worth the time and effort! Once you’ve got something ranked in Google and  other search engines, they’ll supply a stream of good traffic for as long as the content is ranked. Every industry across the board also indicates that organic search traffic (generally) converts better than any other traffic source.


SEO For Camming Models:


Think “SERP Management” (Search Engine Result Pages)

Normally when doing SEO, the main focus (often the only focus) is on the website being SEO’d. In Camland, it’s slightly different. That is because there’s many web properties that a camming model might want easily discovered via search engines. These results might include the website, camming profiles, clip stores, social media accounts and other web properties.

There’s also search results that you don’t want showing up. Mainly the pirated content. Pirating is a huge issue in the industry, and if pirated content is outranking you, it will end up costing you revenue! I’d also recommend trying to keep the web properties that YOU control ranked highest. There’s a number of reasons for this. Things change and it’s helpful to be able to reflect those changes in the content that’s easily discovered. That’s only easily possible if it’s web properties that you control.


Different Types Of Search Engine Results

Here are the different types of search engine result pages (SERPs):

Search Engine Results – Normal search results. If you were to Google something, without searching in the image or video pages.

Video Search Results – Displays video search engine results only. Tube sites do very good here, but it’s possible to beat them using the safe-for-work video sites.

Photo Search Results – I honestly wish I could talk more from experience on this one, but I’ve never put too much time and effort trying to optimize for photo search on any projects.


Onsite SEO:

Have A Website?

If you don’t have a website, you’re not going to rank that website.

Content To Rank

Same thing with the content. You need the content to rank, in order to get the ranking (blogging, store item pages, ect)

Exact-Match Domain

If you can get an “Exact-Match Domain Name” (A domain that is your stage-name), that will help a lot. Bonus points if it’s a .com.

Header Text (H1, H2)

The header text on the page (H1, H2, H3). Each page should have at least an H1 and H2. There should only be one H1 per page. Multiple H2s and H3s are fine.

Supporting Text

The supporting <p> (paragraph text). Without good, supporting text, you risk the search engines viewing the page as thin / spammy content.

Image Name / Meta

Image file names and meta information / alt-text is a ranking factor. Example; keyword-rich-image.png. Image names should be formatted like that too. all lowercase, words separated by dashes.

URL Structure

Structured very similar to image names. webcamstartup.com/keyword-rich-urls/. I make silo pages use very few words, and longtail content use more words.

Responsive Design

The mobile first algorithm has been implemented. That means that rankings are now based primarily on the responsive version and not the desktop version.

Site Speed

Site speed has been a ranking factor for a while, but with the mobile first algorithm, it’s even more important.

Internal Linking / Siloing

“PageRank” (“Authority”) passes from one page to another via links. The search engines also look at the anchor text of the link to better determine what the page is about. Through an internal linking strategy, you can shift authority around the site and target keywords / queries using the anchor-text of the link.


Whether or not the site / individual pages get “Crawled” and added to the search engine results. Search engine crawlers travel from page-to-page via hyperlinks; either internal links or links from other websites.

Site Traffic*

This is with an asterisk, as Google PR highly disputes this, even though testing demonstrates this is a factor, and many SEOs in the community agree on this. There have been multiple Google leaks that suggest the exact opposite of Google PR’s rhetoric on the matter.


Offsite SEO:


Just like internal links, links from other websites to your websites also push “PageRank”. Search engines also look at the link anchor-text. “Backlinks” (links from another website to your website) hold more weight than internal links, as you have to “Earn” them and can’t “Just Build Them*”.

Social Signals

Although some might still dispute whether social signals are part of the algorithm or not, there seems to be a strong correlation, if nothing else. Enough so that “Social Proof” and “Social Signals” are worth mentioning.

Building Traffic*

This is with an asterisk, as Google PR highly disputes this, even though testing demonstrates this is a factor, and many SEOs in the community agree on this. There have been multiple Google leaks that suggest the exact opposite of Google PR’s rhetoric on the matter.


Looking for an easy and effective link-building strategy? Holler at some other models about some cross-promotion. If you swap promo-blog posts with ten different models, that’s 10 root backlinks that you just obtained. Plus, new traffic sources. This strategy has unlimited scaling potential.

Write For Us!

Want an easy root backlink that also gets you paid? Come write for us! We give out links on author boxes and contributor pages. Normally SEOs guest post for free for the sake of building links. We actually pay you. What a deal!


I call this “Offsite SEO” although it’s kind of a stretch. Running an affiliate program enables other webmasters to promote you. This means that they’ll be actively trying to SEO your content on their affiliate sites. Although this isn’t your SEO, these are sites / pages intended to get you conversions and will help drive down the more nefarious results (pirates and such).

It could be argued that affiliate traffic might have SEO benefits, even though the affiliates links might not help with PageRank, due to the tracking parameters on the links.


SEOing Camming / Clip Sites

You Don't Have *THAT* Much Control

What control you have over your profile page, chatroom page and other pages is dictated by the network. When optimizing your own website, you’ve got a lot more control. That being said; you’ve got some control, and that’s better than nothing.

Profile Description / Content

You can optimize the onsite content via what you’re given for profile customization tools. Some sites allow for very robust customization (full HTML even). If that’s the case, you can do more onsite optimization than you could on a network that simply gives profile fields. Even the same, having a well-written bio will definitely make things more search-friendly than a bio that isn’t well written.


We’ve covered link-building in the last section. Because you only have control of your individual profile page, you can’t do as much onsite optimization. That means that if you’re SEOing one of these web properties, the off-site optimization (especially link-building) is going to be much more important.

Get Featured In Their Blog

Is the company running a blog? If so, if you’re able to get featured, that’s a solid internal link from their blog going to your profile page. Doesn’t sound like much, but that’s an internal link that not many other performers on the site has going for them. Different networks have different ways to go about getting featured. This can work as good PR in addition to SEO.

301ing A Domain (Good For Migration)

Here’s something I didn’t think about recently. If you change clip stores or camming sites, or if your site changes URLs, or if a site does a migration / redesign and uses 302 redirects instead of 301 redirects (not going to name names, but it has happened), then you’re going to lose all that authority that your old clip store or camming profile used to have.

If you use a custom domain name and 301 that domain to your camming profile, clip store, ect. then by simply changing the URLs behind the 301, you’ll automatically transfer all that ranking authority to the new URL. Keep in mind that the search engines must first crawl the new URLs (and their new destination) in order to attribute that authority.

Also keep in mind that there is no actual SEO advantage to using a custom domain, if it’s simply being redirected. All the PageRank is being transferred to the destination URL, just as it would be with a direct link. The advantage is being able to not lose that authority in the event of a migration. You also save the user-experience, as otherwise they’d be hitting 404s or getting redirected to the index page.

Leveraging Network's Authority

The one advantage these sites do have, is that most of them are very high authority. This means that content has a higher chance to rank on them. This might be enough to offset a lot of the other disadvantages (lack of control over onsite elements).

Individual Store Items Vs Profile Page

Depending on the site, there might be multiple pages that can be optimized. For example; if the clip site offers a lot of control over the description for a clip or store item, then you can use that to optimize for some longtail queries. Keep in mind that these pages might also have the potential to get indexed in video search, if they have previews.

Optimizing For *INTERNAL* Search

When considering the SEO of your profile, also consider how it might impact internal searches. If it’s a network like MyFreeCams where everything is earning-driven, there might not be much you can do. If it’s a network that has a more complex algorithm, especially if it takes into profile information into consideration, optimizing your profile could help you gain more organic traffic from the network itself.



Google DMCA Complaints

It’s possible to shoot a DMCA complaint to Google. Since Google is an American-based company, the search engine must comply with Us intellectual property laws. Google will always honor DMCA complaints. Be careful though! Don’t use your real information! All DMCA complaints to Google will be archived in in the Lumen Database.

Many performers have gotten away with using their stage name and fictitious information. I can tell you from personal experience that Google doesn’t really vet who’s submitting the complaint. The burden is on the infringing party to dispute the DMCA Complaint.

Number of DMCA complaints is also a negative ranking signal in Google’s algorithm.

High Authority Tube Sites

Competing with the tube sites can be an uphill battle. that is because these sites are very high authority. These sites also respond to DMCA complaints, which can be a way to get stolen content removed (and thus out of the SERPs). Additionally, a DMCA complaint to the search engines can remove these queries.

Another tactic could be to setup a branded channel, upload teaser content, use the platform for promotion and also bank on a revshare if they have one. Being active on these sites makes it more likely that people will find your content on the tube sites, opposed to a stolen upload. This gives you control over what type of promo content is being interacted with. It’s also on your branded channel, and you will be earning a CPM.

Video Search

A lot of time the pirates dominate video search better than they do image search. See the above explanation on tube sites, as well as our next section on video SEO.

SERP Spamming

“SERP Spamming” is a term I coined. I wouldn’t be surprised if the SEO community has a more politically correct term for this (one that doesn’t sound so blackhat and spammy). “SERP Spamming” is where you get all the web properties you want ranking highly (preferably running the entire first page), whether you control them or not.

Google will generally only give one search result to one site per query. There are times that this isn’t the case, usually when the site getting multiple SERP placings is extremely high authority when it comes to the particular query.

Therefore, it’s impossible to get complete and total first page domination with a single domain. Performers have multiple web properties (tons, actually), therefore this is one industry where SERP Spamming is a lot more feasible. Especially when it comes to branded search queries.

Hiring a DMCA Agency

Hiring a DMCA agency is a lot cheaper than hiring a professional SEO, let’s just say that. They’re also very effective. Most DMCA agencies have crawlers and tools to automatically crawl and find stolen content. Some of these agencies are even leveraging technology such as facial recognition to detect content that might not be discovered via text-based crawling alone.

These guys are also proactive instead of reactive. That means that they’re out there looking, instead of simply responding when stolen content is discovered.

If your camming or clip site offers DMCA services, you can always leverage the services through them and save some money.


Video SEO / Search Engine Results

SFW Sites (YouTube and Vimeo)

SFW video sites like YouTube and Vimeo generally have a better chance for ranking. Especially for queries that could either be adult or SFW, depending on the context. Because of this, YouTube and Vimeo are great tools for pushing down unwanted videos (uploads to properties you don’t control). These can also double as marketing tools.

Being Active On Tube Sites

There’s a good chance that it’s the tube sites you’re competing against in the video results. Once again, by being active on the tube sites, you control what promotional content is easily discovered (via internal search as well as search engines), you can take advantage of the branded channels and a CPM as well.

Google / Bing DMCA Complaints

Once again, you can get these video search results removed via DMCA complaints to the search engines. Just remember to not use your real information if you are submitting these complaints yourself. If you’re working with a DMCA agency, this is a non-issue.

Clip Sites With Video Previews

If your clip site has a short video preview on the clip item pages, there’s a chance that video preview can get indexed and appear in the video search engine result pages.


Keywords / Content Strategy

Branded Search Queries

Your “Branded Search Queries” are the most important ones. these queries are any queries that include your performer name(s). Your stage-name by itself is the single most important. Any modifier of the original query (tacking a fetish or something else onto it) is still a “branded query”, just a more “Longtail” one.

Fetish-Related Queries

If you can target some longtails dealing with the fetishes you’re catering to, this is insanely beneficial. The people searching for this kind of content are obviously into the fetish. This makes them very valuable leads.

Anything Blog-Worthy

Anything blog-worthy should be considered for a part of the content strategy. Doing a box opening? Upload a video to YouTube and embed it on the blog. Competing in a contest? Blog about it! Going to an event? Blog about it! Just released a really awesome new clip? Blog about it! Each piece of content has the potential to rank for a longtail query. Each new piece of content also allows you to take advantage of the internal linking and building up the authority of key pages.

Cross-Promotion Between Models

We covered this earlier, but it’s worth mentioning again here. Cross-promotion between models isn’t only a link-building strategy, it’s also a valuable part of your own content strategy.

Siloing / Internal Linking Strategy

“PageRank” (“Authority”) passes from one page to another via links. The search engines also look at the anchor text of the link to better determine what the page is about. Through an internal linking strategy, you can shift authority around the site and target keywords / queries using the anchor-text of the link.


Prezi Presentation Used To Podcast:


More SEO Resources:


Week In Review:

March 2018 Camming / Clip / PSO Site Traffic Report – Our March 2018 traffic report. Each month, we benchmark the traffic from the various camming, clip and PSO sites. Here’s the official report.

ManyVids Announces MV Crush – New Premium Subscription Service – ManyVids has announced MV Crush. MV Crush is a new premium subscription service, very similar to OnlyFans and other services. Performers also get 80% of all subscription fees.

iWantEmpire Partners With Porn Guardian For DMCA Services – iWantEmpire announces a partnership with Porn Guardian for DMCA services. iWantEmpire artists now get access to Porn Guardian’s protection all 100% free!

Performers Get Into The 2018 Phoenix Forum Free! – Streamate will be sponsoring performer passes for the 2018 Phoenix Forum. Learn the criteria for getting your pass and how to apply.

Boleyn Models Present #ShitGuysSayToCamgirls – New Podcast – Boleyn Models has announced the launch of #ShitGuysSayToCamgirls. This is a new podcast series going on each week. Topics range from industry talk to random discussion.

BentBox Announces Site-Wide SSL and PayPal Payouts – BentBox has announced site-wide SSL (prior, it was only on important pages where data was transferred) and got permission from PayPal for payments.

Clips4Sale Announces Spring Into Sales – 75% Payouts – Clips4Sale has announced their Spring Into Sales promotion. All sales generated through the CID link will earn a 75% payout.

BongaCams Announces March Talent Show Contest – BongaCams has announced their March Talent Show contest. Throughout the month of March, performers can get their photos or videos featured on the BongaCams blog and social media accounts, plus earn a token prize!


Other Newsworthy Stories:

Arizona Porn Laws (And Camming) Makes AZ News – Arizona porn laws (including camming) hits Arizona mainstream media after sellers back out of a $1,000,000+ house with a porn producing history.

Rhode Island Proposes $20 Porn Unlock Fee – Rhode Island Senators have proposed a bill that would add porn-blocking software and a $20 porn unlock fee onto all mobile devices.


Stormy Daniels News:

Stormy Daniels Threatened To Leak Story During Election – A new story that came out is claiming that Stormy Daniels had threatened to leak the story during the 2016 election.

Stormy Daniels Sues Trump For Intimidation – In an interesting turn of events, it appears that Stormy Daniels has a lawsuit against Trump over intimidation.

FBI Might Investigate The Stormy Daniels Payout – Politicos are claiming that the Stormy Daniels payout violated federal laws and is pushing for the FBI to investigate.


Snapchat Takeovers:

March 8th 2018 Takeover - CallieBlackX


March 10th 2018 LiddleJenni


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