Pirate Site CamWhores.tv Taken Offline By DMCA512


CamWhores.tv Taken Offline By DMCA512

Normally we don’t talk about pirate sites, as we don’t want to give them PR. But when one of the worst pirate sites in Camland gets shut down, that is something worth reporting on. Today, we’re please to announce that DMCA512 managed to get CamWhores.tv taken offline. The exact details on how it got taken down and on what client’s behalf were not exposed. It was stated that there might be a government investigation underway.


Open-Letter / Response To Jan From Jim of DMCA512

Jan Janovskiy is the owner of camwhores.tv and is the same pirate who
posted that my DMCA512 company did not take his website offline which was
the reason for bashing my company was to try to hide that fact.

When I file a DMCA letter the owner of the website gets a copy of the

See for yourself that Jan owns the site.


We both know that you tried to discredit me because I knew you were the
owner of camwhores.tv and now the whole world will know too.

I have spent 2 years sending off 2257 reports to your ISP for your website
Camwhores.tv as well as the FBI & Interpol & the Russian Federation. I am
sure during this time others may have contributed. With that said, I
received a phone call telling me it was taken down from one of those that
I filed the 2257 reports with last night.

Your site is just one of the many sites I have taken offline over the
years and it won’t be the last.

Jan, anything you put up I will takedown so you might as well close all of
your sites now as you won’t win.



CamWhores.tv Was One Of The More Nefarious Sites

If you’re a performer in the industry, you probably already know the name and loathe the people behind it. CamWhores was one of the more nefarious networks in the in Camland, as well as the industry. Needless to say this network won’t be missed.


The Impact Sites Like These Have On The Industry

Piracy is one of the largest issues facing the industry. Right up there with policy and regulation. Both the piracy model and free porn model (which piracy is technically “free porn” as well) have rocked the entire industry. With the abundance of free porn and pirated porn, there is less incentive to pay. There’s an even more dramatic impact on independent models, as they risk getting doxxed in the process of filing DMCA complaints to get content removed.


More Information On Anti-Piracy

If you’re looking for more information on anti-piracy, definitely check out our resources (linked-to below!). We’ve got the most comprehensive resource on anti-piracy for adult performers. We go beyond DMCA, and talk about all the options on the table. Plus, we give valuable advice on how to protect yourself and your privacy while getting pirated content removed from the internet.

Learn More: How Camming Models Can Fight Piracy


More Information On DMCA512

DMCA512 is a leading DMCA agency catering to the adult industry. DMCA512 uses advanced tools such as web crawlers and facial recognition to help find stolen content that might not be as easy to find. This includes content in foreign languages. DMCA512 submits DMCA complaints on behalf of the client, and will take it beyond standard DMCA notices when those fail to achieve results. Interested in learning more about DMCA512? Check out the link below. Interested in saving on DMCA512’s services? Shoot us an email and we can get you a discount.

Learn More: DMCA512 – Leading Adult Industry DMCA Agency


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