Camgirls / Indie Pornstars: Getting Paid Via PayPal


Camming / Clip Sites Supporting PayPal Payouts

PayPal is the world’s most popular e-wallet. PayPal does not support the adult-industry for payment processing for customer transactions (due to adult being a high-risk vertical) BUT they do support model, studio and affiliate payouts for select networks. This is due to the fact that payouts are not high-risk at all. You’re never going to get a chargeback on a payout, as opposed to customer transactions. Therefore, networks are able to offer PayPal payouts for models.

PLEASE NOTE: Just because a clip or camming site is able to pay out performers with the platform doesn’t mean it’s safe to use for customer transactions. If you do this, your account will eventually be suspended and the funds will be froze.


Camming Sites Supporting PayPal Payouts

Site Min Payout Payout Frequency More Info $50 Twice Monthly
SoulCams $50 Twice Monthly SoulCams


Adult Clip Sites Supporting PayPal Payouts

Site Min Payout Payout Frequency More Info
AdultMemberSites $25 Twice Monthly AdultMemberSites
SquarePeep $100 On-Demand SquarePeep


Why You Should Not Use PayPal For Customer Transactions

Even though PayPal is available as a cashout option for select networks that have been white-listed by the company, camgirls and adult performers should not use the payment processor for accepting payments directly from the customer. Here is why using PayPal for customer transactions is a bad idea.


Why PayPal Doesn’t Support Adult Purchases

The adult industry is considered a “High Risk” vertical by payment processors. That means that there’s a higher rate of chargebacks and fraudulent charges. A number of these are legit chargebacks. A lot of these are people creating a chargeback to prevent from having to pay, or getting caught watching porn and denying it by “someone must have stolen my credit card information and signed up using it!”

Whatever the reason for the chargebacks, they occur a lot more in adult than in other industries, and for that reason, not every payment processor is willing to work with adult businesses.


PayPal Will Freeze / Suspend Accounts Without Paying You

It’s important to realize that PayPal will freeze all money within an account when that account gets banned. You will lose all money inside that account and will not be able to get it back. If you do decide to take the risk, and try accepting payments through PayPal, make sure that you do not keep a large sum of money in their. That way, when (it’s not an “If”, but a “When”) you loose the account, you won’t loose a ton of money as well.


Scammers Manipulate PayPal Chargebacks / Reporting

It’s important to realize that many scammers take advantage of PayPal’s policies. They know that if they report a chargeback / fraud from a pornstar, that transaction has a better chance of being reversed, the pornstar’s PayPal account will get closed down and the performer will most likely not even try disputing it with any parties. Because of this reality, PayPal is more likely to be used by scammers than the more adult-friendly networks, which will actually look into cases like this.


PayPal Has Banned Compliant Sex Workers / Pornstars

There’s been horror stories of PayPal banning accounts simply because they were owned by sex workers, pornstars and other people within the industry. Even if these performers were using the platform in a way that is 100% compliant. In-fact, there’s been horror stories of PayPal banning or restricting the accounts of their significant others, as PayPal didn’t want the performers using their husband’s account for any adult-related work.

So even if you’re not using PayPal for adult-related work, there’s still a chance that you could get your account banned and lose any funds containing. For that reason, everyone in the industry should tread lightly when doing anything with that platform.


PayPal and the #ThotAudit

If you don’t know what the #ThotAudit is, it’s a ridiculous internet movement where people are reporting sex workers to the IRS and other parties. The thing about reporting models to the IRS is that unless the model gets doxxed. Reporting models to PayPal, however, is extremely easy. Especially if the model being targeting is advertising PayPal for payments for various services.


Using PayPal For Camming Site Tokens

Okay, so there’s even some exceptions as to the customer purchase aspect, but not very many. Here’s how customers can use PayPal for tokens on camming sites.



Chaturbate: Customers Can Buy Tokens With PayPal

The camming network Chaturbate has managed to work out a deal with PayPal and start accepting payments from them. According to Chaturbate, striking this agreement has taken five years before PayPal would finally start working with them.

Learn More: Getting Started On Chaturbate

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