Paxum Suspends USA Applications (What This Means For Adult Stars)


Paxum Suspends USA Applications While Reviewing New Regulations

Earlier today it was brought to my attention (and later confirmed by Paxum) that all Paxum USA applications have been suspended until further notice. The reasoning was due to “Paxum currently reviewing new regulations based on FATCA and OECD“. What is quoted in the last sentence is an exact quote from an official Paxum representative. When asked for an ETA for applications in the USA being accepted again, no date or ballpark estimate could be given. Paxum will start accepting USA applications in the future.


What Does This Mean For Adult Models?

Although there are some sites (Like ExtraLunchMoney, for example) where Paxum is the only cashout method possible, most sites offer models multiple cashout options. This might be in the forum of direct deposit, check, wire transfer or Payoneer, which is the closest Paxum alternative.


If Your Paxum Account Is Already Approved, You Don’t Need To Worry

Finally, this only applies to new applications. If you are a current (and approved) Paxum account holder in the USA, you don’t have to worry. Although if you lose your card and file for a replacement, there’s a chance you’ll have to verify your identity and address again. They’ve made people with lost cards do that in the past. If this is the case, you might be waiting until the new regulations are reviewed and Paxum accepts US applications again.

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