Caution About Paid Android / iOS Sexting Apps


Caution About Apps Promising Paid Messaging

So, there’s a lot of ways to get paid from phone sex. There’s also a lot of scams out there. Sometimes the “scams” aren’t really scams per-say, but just “churn and burn” operations. This is especially true when it comes to sexting apps and app stores. A lot of “Adult Sexting Apps” will try to brand themselves as being mainstream in order to be accepted into the Android / Apple app stores. Once the app stores figure out they’re adult apps, they’re promptly removed.


Android / Apple Store Don’t Allow Adult Apps

So, there are no “Adult Apps” out there that you can make money off of. Any ones that are currently available in the app stores are a red flag. Neither Google Play or Apple Store allow for adult / porn apps. This means that any adult apps that advertising camming or phone sex available in the app store are just “Churn and Burn” apps. If it is a legit network, eventually it’ll be removed from the app store. If it’s a network that relied on the app store for traffic, this means that the entire operation will die with the app being banned.


Adult-Friendly Apps You Can Make Money Off Of

That doesn’t mean there isn’t adult apps you can monetize. Several camming and clip sites offer apps you can use, but most often they’re manual download and install. This is because they’re adult apps and not trying to pass off as “Mainstream”, like the churn and burn apps that occasionally pop up in the app store. The manual install process is fairly simple for both Android and iOS.


Snapchat, Instagram and Kik

There are multiple mainstream apps that models do use for monetization. This usually comes in the form of monthly subscriptions or lifetime access. The most common apps that performers sell subscriptions to are SnapchatInstragram and Kik. Keep in mind that these apps aren’t adult-friendly, and if you’re doing this, there’s a chance that your account will get suspended.


How Phone Sex Usually Works

There are various phone sex networks that specialize in paid talking or texting. This is usually how performers provide phone sex services. Talking is the most profitable, as it’s charged by minute. Texting is charged by message. Because of this, a lot of messages need to be sent in order to make decent profits. Charging by minute for talking is way more profitable.

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