OnlyFans: Send Pay-Per-View Messages


Sending Pay-Per-View Messages On OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a premium subscription platform that can be very popular for adult performers. Although membership subscriptions are the primary focus of the site, there’s many other ways that performers can earn. One of those ways performers can earn is pay-per-view messages. The concept is simple: Upload content to a DM, set the price and send! Models earn revenue off each recipient who pays to unlock the message.


How To Send Paid DMs On OnlyFans:

Here’s a step-by-step guide on the process to send paid DMs on OnlyFans:

  1. Go to the messaging page and create a new message
  2. Select all subscribers to send to everybody
  3. Type a message and upload media
  4. Decide the price to unlock the content
  5. Send the pay-per-view message!


More Subscribers = More Possible Purchases

The more subscribers you’ve got, the more recipients you can send the locked pay-per-view messages to. The more people being sent the content, the greater the number of purchases.


Monetizing Free Accounts With Pay-Per-View DMs

There’s a number of reasons why a performer would want to run a free OnlyFans account. These accounts work great for promotion and give potential subscribers a sample of the content you offer on the premium OnlyFans account. Even though the subscribers aren’t paying a monthly fan club fee, it’s still possible to make money off a free account. Pay-Per-View DMs is one of those ways to monetize a free profile.


More Information On OnlyFans

Interested in becoming an OnlyFans influencer? You can either signup here or learn more about Onlyfans by checking out the link below. OnlyFans is a premium social network. In order for people to access your page, they’ll first have to subscribe. Everything is censored until then. The fan will have to continue to pay the monthly fee in order to access the content, building a residual income. All genders are welcome and anyone 18+ can make money from OnlyFans subscribers.

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