Online Cam Summit: Alex Bluck (SkyPrivate / OurLittleSecret)

Online Cam Summit: Alex Bluck

Alex Bluck – Founder, OurLittleSecret Whatsapp Sexting

It’s the 2nd day of the Online Cam Summit and up today is Alex Bluck. Alex Bluck is the Founder and the brain behind SkyPrivate and now his new project OurLittleSecret, a way to monetize sexting through WhatsApp. Yes that’s right, you can now use your beloved WhatsApp that you already have on your phone and earn money while sexting your members in a super secure way.


What Alex Bluck Covers:

  • How to setup WhatsApp to be ready for sexting.
  • How to set different price for text, image, video and even voice messages.
  • A strategy for earning money every morning before you go online for camming


Today’s Sponsors / Goodie Bag: OurLittleSecret / SkyPrivate

Today’s sponsor is OurLittleSecret and SkyPrivate. OurLittleSecret is a brand new way of earning money while sexting your members through WhatsApp. Your number is hidden and it’s totally secure. You set your own price for sending text, images, videos and even voice messages. And best of all, you keep 75-86% of your earnings.

SkyPrivate is a premium cam platform, where you can use Skype to monetize your cam shows and get paid per minute. Now you can also earn money with using Skype on your mobile phone. This opens up so many opportunities to take your cam shows to the next level.

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