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Clips4Sale / NexoCams CamOver Series

Review of NexoCams First CamOver Event

On June 15, Clips4Sale ran its first “CamOver” on NexoCams featuring fetish and porn performer Ashley Fires. In the name of science, I put the baseball game on mute, popped some popcorn, grabbed a cold beer, and clicked my way over to NexoCams.


A NexoCams Account Was Required To Watch

The show was advertised as free, but I did have to create a (free) customer account on NexoCams in order to see the show. The signup process was slightly odd; as I was going through it, there was a graphic advertising 20 free credits (which are called “credits” and “tokens” interchangeably on the site, and in this article), but once my account was created, I could no longer find any mention of this bonus. I didn’t add any money to my account, but when I clicked the “add funds” icon, I couldn’t see any 20 credit bonus info there, either.


Models Were Not Taking Advantage Of Promotion / Traffic

I logged on early to see if any models were taking advantage of the presumably heavy promotion of NexoCams for the CamOver. As is fairly usual for NexoCams, there were zero models online. I had about 30 minutes to go before the show started at this point, so I spent some more time (unsuccessfully) looking for the secret to the free credits.

If you’re wondering if models logged on during or immediately after Ashley’s show to take advantage of any big bump in traffic from her show, I’ll spoil the surprise for you now: no they did not. After Ashley ended her show, there was nobody else to watch if you still had a raging boner or were in a token-spending mood. Considering the traffic she brought…well, I’ll get to the math in a minute.


Ashley Fires Put On A Great Performance!

It goes without saying that Ashley Fires put on a great performance. I won’t get into the dirty details of her show, but it’s hard to believe she stopped camming in 2009. She did a great job of working the room, incorporating some fetish stuff while still keeping it non-intimidating for the vanilla crowd, but there were a few things that went against her.


Didn’t Appear Like Much Preparation Went Into It

For starters, there didn’t appear to be much pre-show preparation. I don’t know who this falls on, but I would have expected Clips4Sale/NexoCams to send Ashley some thorough information on how the features of the site worked, or even do a practice run-through to answer any questions she had about how to use the site.

It was pretty brutal to watch her try to get viewers involved in a game that nobody understood at all. Someone with a “C4S” username eventually told her how to work it, relieving me of my discomfort. I originally assumed that they were some kind of moderator/tech support, but later in the show they tipped, so I ended up including them in my tally of viewers because I was no longer quite so sure of their status.


Show Started Off Laggy / Pixelated

The stream quality at the start of the show was absolutely terrible, with a lot of lag and pixelation, but it got better eventually. Ashley seemed to be using a camera attached to her laptop, though, and every time she moved her laptop to give her a new angle, the stream went a bit wild. (Camgirl Pro Tip: if you want different angles while streaming, put your camera on a tripod so you don’t have to move your computer and risk fucking shit up.)

Again, that’s an issue that may have been on Ashley’s end or on NexoCams’ end, so it’s hard to know what happened there. Hopefully future CamOvers will include some instructions and training for models so that they have the optimal internet setup for the site streaming requirements, and that they know how to run games, etc.


Number Of Viewers Could Have Been Better

Ultimately, the real disappointment of the night was in the viewership numbers. The number in the room hovered around 15 most of the hour, and only peaked at 19. I counted just 30 unique viewers (yes, I tracked usernames in the room at any given time…FOR SCIENCE), which for a free show with a fairly well-known model is pretty disappointing.

If Ashley Fires can’t pack in viewers for a free live show and is relying on just 9 tippers for tokens, a less-well-known model could really struggle. I don’t know precisely how NexoCams and Clips4Sale promoted this event, but it clearly didn’t work. I hope they had someone watching and taking notes, because NexoCams is not going to be viable long-term as a cam site if they can’t pack in viewers for a marquee event like this.


Clips4Sale Isn’t Known For Solid Promotion

Clips4Sale isn’t known for their great promotion, advertising, and social media skills, though, so it may be the case that NexoCams is suffering from that inexperience as well. Only the next CamOver will tell whether or not lessons were learned from this. Ashley Fires walked away with a nice paycheck, but the site gained precisely nothing from the entire exercise. In fact, my guess is that they lost money on the endeavor, covering payment processing and promotional costs that weren’t then repaid by their share of the token takings, as CamOvers will apparently pay out 100% of token value to the model.


CamOver by the Numbers

AKA: I did the math so you don’t have to!

  • Unique Viewers: 30 (I count as one of these)
  • Peak Viewers: 19 (Again, I’m in this count as well)
  • Unique Tippers: 9 (I’m not in this count…because I didn’t spend any money)
  • Unique Talkers: 11 (I count as one of these, I said “hi”)
  • Wheel Spin Games: 6 @ 20 tokens per spin (4 people played)
  • Total Tokens: 3,035
  • Total Money: $303.50

(The model signup info says 100% of the token value goes to the model during CamOvers. This is assuming they pay out at the $0.10/token of the basic token packages. The top tier token packages have a 5% bonus added, lowering the value of those tokens. If they pay out at the higher tier token value, the total money earned would be $288.33)


Interested In Applying For A CamOver?

Interested in applying for a Clips4Sale CamOver on NexoCams? They’re currently taking applications for monthly CamOvers. You can apply here.

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