NewTumbl: Adult-Friendly Tumblr Alternative


Camgirl Marketing Through NewTumbl

NewTumbl is an adult-friendly Tumblr alternative. NewTumbl behaves very similarly to Tumblr and those who are migrating platforms will have an easy time building their profiles and making posts. There are some slight differences, such as the rating system for the posts and content. NewTumbl was recently launched and has been implementing new features and improvements since. New features are also planned in the near future.


Public Profile, Banner and Avatar

Just like with Tumblr, users will get their public sub-domain which will display their avatar, cover photo and posts. The look and feel of the publicly facing blog is managed through the back-end dashboard. Currently, the things that can be modified is the avatar, banner and description. Just like Tumblr, the description supports HTML. There’s currently only one theme available for NewTumbl. There’s also a rating system that lets you indicate how SFW / NSFW your blog is.


Admin / Dashboard

Just like with Tunblr, there’s also an admin area of the site. This is where you add new content. There’s also an activity feed that will display all the content you’re subscribed to. The dashboard is also where all the blog settings are located. This includes all the profile images and bios, managing the blogs you follow and the hashtags you follow, messages and all the other features. Anyone familiar with the Tumblr back-end will feel right at home with the NewTumbl backend.


Post Types Available

If you’re familiar with Tumblr, then you’ll be familiar with the various post types available. Here’s the types of post you can make on NewTumbl:

  • Text
  • Photo
  • Quote
  • Link
  • Audio
  • Video


Block Hashtags and Content

NewTumbl supports the blocking of individual hashtags. It’s also possible to block individual people, even if you want to follow them. That way you can still follow-back and show people love, even if you don’t want to see their content showing up in your feed.


New Features Coming Soon!

NewTumbl only launched in January 2018 and has been developing features ever since. New features are on the way and we’ll be updating this post as they get added!

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