Camming / Adult Industry Documentaries

TedTalks: Jenna Haze Discusses Free Porn / Age Verification

TedTalks: Jenna Haze Discusses Modern Porn Former pornstar and psychology Jenna Haze hosts a Ted Talks about porn and a wide range of issues impacting the industry. The issues range

New Vice Documentary On Romanian Camming (June 2018)

Vice Documentary On Romanian Studio Camming Vice has released another documentary focusing on the camming industry. Their latest documentary focuses on studio camming in Bucharest, Romania. Bucharest isn’t only the

Cosplay Camgirl and Top ManyVids Seller Lana Rain On NBC

 Cosplay Camgirl and Clip Producer Lana Rain Featured On NBC It seems like the “mainstream world” has taken a large interest in camming recently. NBC Left Field released an

BBC Documentary: Career In British Porn

BBC Documentary: British Pornstar Careers This BBC documentary takes a look at the British porn scene. The documentary follows several British pornstars around, as they talk about their careers, lives

BBC Documentary: Life As A Transgender Escort

Documentary On Being A Transgender Escort This documentary follows Mia Mafia, one of the adult industry’s biggest transgender performers. According to Mia, there’s tons of hot slutty girls, but there’s

Cam Girlz Documentary Now Free To Watch!

Watch The Cam Girlz Documentary Free! If you haven’t seen Cam Girlz the documentary, now it’s available free! Chaturbate teamed up with director Sean Dunne to remove the paywall from the

Documentary: Inside Miami, Florida’s Porn Scene

Documentary: Inside Miami Florida’s Porn Scene An inside look at the booming porn industry in Miami. Miami has surpassed California in porn production. This is mainly due to the more

Love Me, Love My Doll: Sex Doll Documentary

Love Me, Love My Doll: A Documentary On Sex Dolls This documentary on sex dolls explores a California company that developed an alternative for people having a hard time finding