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NewbieNudesNewbieNudes Alternatives

For this project, I’m constantly exploring various adult sites that can be used by camming models, either for monetization, for marketing purposes and for other uses. I stumble across many different sites. Some are great, some are garbage.

NewbieNudes is a site that at first glance looked like it had lots of potential. There was their own currency, which implied it could be monetized. There’s camming, photo and video sharing, an active community and more. A lot going on and all of it looked great.

But the more I started digging around, the less and less impressed I got. A couple forum posts and I got incredibly turned off (I knew I should have just stuck to the politics section of that site). Here’s why camming models should avoid NewbieNudes and some alternatives to consider.



MonopolyNudles Are More Fiat Than Monopoly Money

So they’ve got their own form of credits, currency, whatever. It’s called Nudles. At first impression, you’d assume that would mean it’s possible to generate revenue off these Nudles. Not true. It’s completely 100% fiat. They do have a monthly competition where the person with the most Nudles gets $100. Big money, right?

The only real way to monetize NewbieNudes is through their affiliate program, which offers a revshare or PPS for their premium accounts. Gotta give them credit for implementing that, but if you’re looking for affiliate programs to promote, there’s way better options. Just check out our amateur / camming affiliate marketing section for examples.



Diverxity – Connect With Adult Stars

Diverxity is really similar to Newbie Nudes in a lot of ways. They’ve both got a really strong social media feel to them. The difference between Diverxity and Newbie Nudes is that Diverxity is open to the entire adult industry, including amateurs, studios, photographers, webmasters, artists and more. So you’re able to connect with amateur models as well as your favorite porn producers.

Diverxity has a premium and free version. The free version allows you to connect with all your favorite stars and use all the features. The premium version is required to see some of the content.


ForumOther Adult Communities and Forums

There are many adult communities out there. NewbieNudes does have an active forum, I won’t lie. I actually enjoyed the community up until I started inquiring about the site, how it might be leveraged by camming models and so on. Got a lot of rude comments and feedback. It’s like holy shit, I was only trying to learn about the network to curate blog content that would have given NewbieNudes some PR and driven some traffic! That’s not trolling, that’s doing your community a favor!

If you’re a camming model, stay away. They don’t like your kind over there, or at least that’s the impression I got after today. There’s plenty of other adult communities and forums that are much more welcoming to those in the amateur adult industry.

If you’re an end-user, you’ll probably fit right in…….Unless you get tired of dick pics showing up on the left sidebar.


Sex.comAlternatives For Finding Real Amateur Content

If the appeal of NewbieNudes is the amateuer content, there’s plenty of other places to find it. You can register for camming networks and actually interact with the girls live. If money is an issue, you don’t have to tip. If you’re looking for free pics, even Reddit’s /r/gonewild is an alternative. There’s also Twitter, Tumblr, Imagefap, the list goes on.

NewbieNudes does have a robust community, I’m not trying to bash them on that, but it’s not the only website featuring amateur exhabitionists.


StreamateThe Camming Section Is A Streamate Whitelabel

I don’t know if there’s an “inhouse” camming functionality for premium members, but the “Newbie Cams” they link to on the camming page is a whitelabeled version of the camming network Streamate. If you’re looking for an alternative to the camming section of NewbieNudes, you can always register for Streamate directly and it’d be the exact same thing. Otherwise you can choose from any other camming network.


NewbieNudes Alternatives For Adult Hookups

There’s an entire section of the site dedicated to meeting people and hooking up. If you’re looking for an alternative for the adult dating section of the site, all you need to do is Google “Adult Dating Sites” and you’ll find way too many alternatives.

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