New Model Centro Features: Block Photo Downloads, Webmaster Tools and more!

Model Centro Updates

New Model Centro Features: Download Blocking, SEO & More!

The latest updates and features for Model Centro. Check them out:


Set up your Primary Domain

If you use several domain names, now you have the ability to choose which of the domains is the primary. The Primary domain will be displayed in Social Networks when you share news with your fans.


Welcome Video Autoplay and Adapting Video Player

Turn on the Welcome Video Autoplay to greet your visitors automatically once they are on the Home Page of your website! Neither size nor quality of uploaded welcome video matters – the new adaptive video player will be automatically adjusted!


Google Webmaster Tools

Connect Google Webmaster tools and make optimizations to help Google better understand and represent your site. This will help with SEO.  This is now available through My Site > Applications.


Disable Photo Downloads!

Due to multiple requests, we have ruled out the ability to save photos from your photosets by clicking on ‘Save image as’. The photos will only be downloaded if the “Allow to download photosets” is turned on through content settings.


Optimizations: photoset uploads and website stability

ModelCentro developers rolled out another optimization, which further speeds up how quickly you upload photosets to your website. The new upload server allows you to publish or schedule photosets 40% faster! The techs have been working hard on making the platform more stable and reliable, which will let you enjoy the process of running your own site even more!


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