New JustForFans Features: New Search Options, Video Uploading


New JustForFans Features: Sorting and Uploading

JustForFans, a platform for selling clips, fanclub subscriptions, sexting and more, has announced new features. These features make it easier to sort and search for content. There’s also some new features with the video uploading functionality. Here’s everything new with JustForFans


Filter Movies By Category / Video Length

Now, when your subscribers are on your fanclub video page, they can sort your movies by category. This makes it much easier for your fans and subscribers to find the type of content they’re looking for, with less scrolling. It’s also possible to sort content by video length as well.


Public / Private Posts

Now you can select who sees each post: anyone or just subscribers. That way you can offer free teaser content on your page that non-subscribers can see.


Video Processing Queue

See the status of videos you uploaded that are processing, if there are errors, and delete them from the queue.


More Information On JustForFans

Interested in becoming a JustForFans performer? You can either signup here or learn more about the platform by checking out the link below. JustForFans is a high-percentage platform for clips, fanclub subscriptions, phone sex and much more. The custom store items can be used to sell just about anything!

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