Sugar Babies: How To Negotiate Allowance With Your Sugar Daddy

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How To Negotiate Your Sugar Baby Allowance

So you have taken the time to find a potential sugar daddy. You might have used a sugar dating site like, met him at an event, or some other means. How you meet your would-be SD (sugar daddy) is not nearly as important as being able to negotiate your allowance. Making sure you are able to discuss what you expect from your arrangement, as well as being able to know just how much you are willing to do for said allowance is the key to being both successful and happy being a sugar baby.


How Do I Bring Up The Idea Of An Allowance?

Since you already found your date, and are considering him for the role of sugar daddy, that means you both know why you are talking. That means the absolute best way to discuss the idea of your allowance is to be direct and upfront about it. Being able to tell your new daddy what you are looking for in a confidant and direct way is best. This will allow him to be upfront if the allowance is something he can do, either financially or desire-wise. Don’t be afraid to bring up what he wants, and what you think would be an allowance that would make you happy to supply those things.


Keep Your Head Grounded and Be Realistic About Allowances

Having the confidence to bring up the allowance with your sugar daddy is the first part of the negotiations. The second part is just as important. That is keeping your desires in the realistic realm of things. By now you should have had some conversation in regards to what he is looking for and have a general idea of what his budget is for his new sugar baby. So based on that,, you should be able to decide on what allowance would make you happy with this relationship. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for a hefty allowance. It just means that you need to keep in mind his declared budget and what you feel your time and actions are worth.


How Do I Judge If The Allowance Is Worth What he’s Asking?

I have had daddies that have simply wanted someone to accompany them to the movies twice a month. I’ve also had daddies who wanted to see me 2-3 times a week, text me all the time, and talk about their day. These two examples of daddies both warrant vastly different types of allowances. Once I find out what it is the potential SD is looking for, I then have to decide for myself what would make it worth it for me to accept. This will let me truly decide what sort of allowance I would want.


But I Think My Time and Attention Is Priceless

This mentality has been a plague on the sugar dating world since it’s inception. Many new sugar babies want to get into the sugar dating lifestyle, and they think that they deserve 10K a month because they are willing to text back the SD texts them. This thought process is one of the worst things you could possible do, and will definitely keep you from finding a serious sugar daddy.


What Do You Other Sugar Babies Make?

This questions is a hard one to measure because each relationship is vastly different. One daddy may offer you a cash allowance, while one may buy you a series of expensive gifts instead. I have had sugar daddies who given me allowances of a couple hundred dollars each month, but they mainly wanted to text and exchange pics. While my current daddy offered me a $3,500 allowance monthly and on average, we see each other maybe once or twice a week. We negotiated long and hard to decide on a number we were both comfortable with. Once we did thought the rest of the process was fairly painless.

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I’ve Negotiated A Number For My Allowance, Now What?

Once you have a number that you both agree on, you must then discuss when this payment starts. I personally like to receive at least a portion of my payment on the very next date. This prevents any issues in regards to the daddy bailing on you after they get what they are looking for. I have had daddies who wanted to wait till next payday to be able to give me my allowance for that month. As long as you both communicate clearly about the allowance, no surprises should pop up. As long as you can come to an agreement and you don’t feel taken advantage of, the arrangement should work out for both parties.


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