NeedLive Fruits and Veggies Photo Competition: July 29 – Aug 11

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NeedLive Fruits & Veggies Photo Contest: July 29 – Aug 11

Fruits and veggies not just symbolize healthy eating but can increase your libido also. What’s more they are colourful and beautiful basically. The theme of NeedLive‘s photo contest is: Fruits and Veggies. Shoot sexy images of you with fruits or vegetables and earn money with them on NeedLive!

Main details of the contest:

  • Contest time: 29 July – 11 Aug, 2015 (CET)
  • When you can start uploading your images: 26 July (3 days before the contest starts)
  • Total prize: $2500, first rank wins: $1000!
  • Total prize will be shared among 10 performers
  • Additional prizes: NeedLive Team is going to reward 4 performers or PSOs with $50 each (Editors’ choice awards). The only condition to participate in the Editors’ choice contest is to upload at least 5 good-quality images for the contest.
  • Members’ votes are added to your earnings with a 50% rate (fix commission) plus 10 performers collecting the most votes will win extra cash


  • Do not upload random images, concentrate on the contest theme.
  • Your face has to be well-visible on all images
  • Only good-quality photos can be accepted. Noisy, blurry photos made with webcams and cell phones will be disapproved as well as photoshopped images
  • Accepted image formats: JPG and PNG, minimum size:: 1 Mpixel (1152 x 864 or 864 x 1152)
  • Members can vote on the same image maximum 10 times per calendar day (CET)
  • You can upload as many images as you wish until they meet the above-mentioned criterias

Your contest rank is based on the total votes received from members on all your contest images. See the chart below to understand your income from members’ vote and the contest points they mean for you:

Votes members can cast Your commission (50%) Contest points that make your rank
1 vote (=1 credit for the member) $0,5 1 point
2 vote (=2 credit for the member) $1 2 points
3 vote (=3 credit for the member) $1,5 3 points (4 points if the member is VIP)


Becoming A NeedLive Performer and Additional Information

Not already a NeedLive performer? Register today! NeedLive is a network that supports live camming, adult content sales and phone sex. Models are able to earn money by providing one of these services, or by providing all of these services. Want to learn more about NeedLive? Here’s additional information on becoming a NeedLive model.


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