Do You Need A Big Penis To Be A Pornstar?

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Do You Need A Big Dick To Be In Porn?

the answer is: yes and no, and it really depends on what you want to do in the industry. If you want to get started in mainstream porn, then yes, a big penis is something that is fairly important. If you’re going that route, there’s some other things that are even more important. For example; you better move to LA right now, because nobody is flying in male talent for porn shoots. If you’re going the amateur route, having a big penis isn’t nearly as important. In fact, if you have a really tiny penis, that’s a fetish and it could be what makes you successful.


Mainstream Porn – You’ll Need A Big Dick

If you’re going to go the mainstream route, you’ll definitely want to have a big dick. You’ll also want to work out and be in great shape. And did we mention that you should probably move to either LA or Miami? Truth is, it’s much harder to break into the professional porn industry for males, and penis size is only one of the things going against them. But it is one of the things people look for, and if you do have a big dick, it definitely won’t hurt.


Camming / Amateur Porn – Size Isn’t As Important

If you’re offering indie / amateur services, such as camming, producing and selling clips, PSO work or something different, penis size is not quite as important. It’s still helpful to have a big dick, but it’s not something that’ll make or break a career. Mainly because there’s no hiring process with the amateur route. Anyone eighteen years older can get started offering their own services. All the camming and clip sites have an age-verification process instead of a hiring process. Therefore, there’s never going to be an agent or producer judging you on your dick size.


The Small Penis Fetish

If you have a tiny penis, that could actually be a good money maker for you. There is a small penis fetish, just like pretty much anything can be a fetish. therefore, your tiny penis might be your biggest asset. Keep in mind that this is for niche/fetish stuff. If you’re doing vanilla content, having a big dick definitely helps. But it’s not going to ruin a career.


Catering To Non-Nude Fetishes

This might be hard to believe, but there’s plenty of profitable fetishes that don’t require nudity. Whenever people think of porn, they generally think of “Vanilla Porn”. The standard videos you’ll see on the homepages on the tube sites. Generally when people think of “Fetish Porn”, they think of BDSM. Although BDSM does fit into fetish porn, it’s not exclusive to that.

“Fetish Porn” refers to a wide range of things. Basically anything that isn’t “Vanilla”. For example; “Foot Fetish” is fetish content, and might not require any nudity at all. In fact, the clip might not even feature anything above the knees. Same thing with smoking fetish and the list goes on. If you’re really concerned about penis size, but want to get into the industry, this is definitely a route that you should consider.

Linked-to below is an article and video on how to identify the most profitable fetishes. It’s written by a camgirl, primarily for camgirls, but the content is applicable to everyone, regardless of gender. The tutorial will demonstrate just how some bizarre fetishes might end up being the most profitable ones, and how you might accidentally discover your highest earning fetishes.

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Porn Jobs For Male Models

Looking for networks that are hiring male models? We’ve got a directory of camming sites, clip sites and phone sex positions available. This is all for the amateur-side of the industry, and not the professional-side. Which really, if you’re considering a career in adult entertainment, and you’re a male model, this is your best shot at making it in the industry. The directory will indicate whether the network supports solo males, straight couples and gay couples. You can get more information on each site by checking out the info link.

List of Companies Hiring Male Pornstars


Information On Becoming A Camboy

Interested in a male webcam modeling job? We’ve got a guide on how to become a camboy. The guide goes into everything you need to know about becoming a male webcam model. There’s no hiring process, just an age verification process. As long as you’re eighteen years old or older, you’re able to get started camming. Please note, there’s also equipment requirements, such as a laptop and computer. There’s a good chance you’ve got everything you need already. If not, it’s not that difficult to acquire everything. Learn more by checking out the link below.

Get Started As A Male Webcam Model


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