MyFreeCams Updates TOS Post-SESTA: Bans In-Person Meetups


MyFreeCams Reacts To SESTA: Bans In-Person Meetups

Popular camming site MyFreeCams has updated their TOS as a result of SESTA. The camming site now bans anything regarding to in-person meetups. This isn’t going to have a huge impact within the industry, as there are very few performers that would ever do anything in-person. This is due to a number of reasons, ranging from privacy concerns to the fact that there’s a lot of creepers out there. There are performers that do meet up with fans during events like AVN or Exxxotica, but that’s usually as “personal” as most camming models care to ever take any relationship with a customer.


More Services Impacted By SESTA

MyFreeCams isn’t the only service that has been impacted by SESTA. In fact, there’s tons of services that have updated their terms, and some services have even closed their doors as a result! Here’s a list of more services that have been impacted as a result of SESTA:

Backpage Seized By US Government – The US Federal Government has seized and affiliate websites. Backpage was one of the major reasons for the passing of SESTA.

Craigslist Personal Ads – Craigslist has taken down their personals section. Although many people did use that for legit purposes, it has the potential to be exploited in similar ways that Backpage was exploited.

IndieBill Bans Potential Escorts – IndieBill is flagging accounts that look suspicious of using the platform for transactions that could possibly be escorting. This includes transactions from customers that are geographically close to the performer.

Escort Sites Shut Down – There have been multiple escort sites that have shut down entirely.

Escort Sites Blocking USA – Other escort sites have started restricting the United States. Either USA services altogether, or they’ve quit serving and accepting ads from the United States.

FetLife Updates TOS – FetLife updated their TOS and banned consensual blackmail and financial domination.

Microsoft Skype – Microsoft updated the Skype TOS to quit allowing obscene and adult content.

Xbox Live – Microsoft also updated the Xbox Live TOS, banning cussing and obscene content.

Microsoft Office – Yes, obscene content has been banned from Microsoft Office as well.

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