MyFreeCams RevShare Returns To CrakRevenue (20% Lifetime)


Earn a 20% Lifetime Revenue Share With MyFreeCams

CrakRevenue, the affiliate program for MyFreeCams has announced the return of the MFC revshare. Not only that, but it’s higher than before! CrakRevenue is the exclusive place to promote the MyFreeCams affiliate program. In the past, Crak offered a revenue-share. A while back, MyFreeCams pulled the revshare and reduced it to a semi-exclusive PPL offer. Now the Revshare is back, and this is great news for affiliates. Here’s the details.


Revshare Increased From 15% to 20%

CrakRevenue hosted the MyFreeCams affiliate program in the past. A lot of affiliates were upset to see it go. But not only is it returning, but the revshare is higher than ever! Prior to switching to PPL only, the MFC revshare was 15%. It now returns as a 20% revshare, making it the highest camming revshare on CrakRevenue, and one of the highest in the industry.


The MyFreeCams PPL Is Still Available

If you’re promoting the MyFreeCams PPL and would prefer that over the revshare (don’t ask me why, PPL is stupid for a number of reasons), you’ll still be able to! The PPL program isn’t going anywhere. Here is a full list of the current MyFreeCams offers available on CrakRevenue:


CrakRevenue MyFreeCams Offers


Multiple Landing Pages Available

Webmasters promoting the program will have an option of what landing pages to use. This includes different pages on MyFreeCams, as well as some other conversion-driven landing pages offsite of MyFreeCams. When customizing the referral link within CrakRevenue, the affiliates will have the options to customize their links.


MFC Revshare Supported Deep-Model Linking

The MyFreeCams revshare does support deep-model linking. This means you can send traffic directly to the performer chatroom/profile. In order to do this, add &model= with the camgirl’s name after the ‘=’. Be sure to test the links first to make sure they’re setup properly. If you hit the chat/profile page, you’re good to go.


Supports Traffic From 249 Countries

Which makes it fairly safe to assume that there really isn’t any country restrictions. Doesn’t matter where you’re sending traffic from, as long as you can make the referrals convert, you’ll earn 20% of all purchases.


MyFreeCams Affiliates Must Be Manually Approved

Both MyFreeCams offers (Revshare and PPL) require that affiliates must be manually approved. MyFreeCams is very strict about the quality of webmasters promoting their programs.

Chat traffic and/or e-whoring is prohibited! Sending this type of traffic will result in being kicked from the program, if not a CrakRevenue ban! There are other restrictions that apply which are listed below.


Other Restrictions:

  • No Email Traffic
  • No Incentive Traffic
  • No Content Locking
  • No SPAM Traffic
  • No Brand Locking
  • No Content Use (without approval)


Get Started As A CrakRevenue Affiliate Today!

Ready to get started as a CrakRevenue affiliate? Signup today! Get started promoting MyFreeCams as well as a long list of other cam offers. These offers include: ImLive, PantyBay, LiveJasmin, VISIT-X and more. Plus adult games, adult offers, mainstream offers and much more. CrakRevenue gives affiliates all the promo pffers they need, plus geofiltering and other valuable tools. Start promoting the MFC revshare and other programs today!

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