MyFreeCams Allegedly Purchases OnlyFans


MyFreeCams Allegedly Acquires OnlyFans

It’s been alleged that OnlyFans has been bought out by MyFreeCams. We use the words “Allegedly” because we haven’t done all of our due dilligence ourselves. Links to corporate information was sent to us by one of the parties that broke the announcement, and sure enough, Leo’s name was on it. Given all the people who have thrown around these allegations, we’re giving it enough certainty to where we feel confident announcing it, although we’re still using the wording “Allegedly” until we’ve done better due dilligence or either company officially announces.



What This Means For OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a company that’s pretty much solely for the uses of indie pornstars, but yet it’s had a track record of trying to pass off as a mainstream platform. This is due to payment processors, as well as their mobile app which has since been banned from all the app stores.

MyFreeCams is very blatantly adult-friendly. This acquisition sends a clear signal that OnlyFans is meant for adult, which probably means that payment processing and other issues with an adult site pretending to be mainstream will most likely no longer be an issue.


Models Worry About Percentage Decreases

One of the major appeals of OnlyFans is that it gives models a very high percentage. MyFreeCams doesn’t offer that kind of percentage, and worry about changing payout rates has been expressed by the models. This is all speculation, however, and we’ll have to wait and see to know whether the OnlyFans business model will change or remain the same.


Allegations Of Late / Missing Payouts

There’s also been allegations made by models about OnlyFans not paying them, or at least not paying them on time. Webcam Startup has always received our referral payouts properly, so we can’t personally comment on these allegations. Models have speculated that the new MyFreeCams ownership will help with payout woes.

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