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Make Money Promoting The MyFreCams Affiliate Program

MyFreeCams is a popular camming site. Webmasters are able to make commissions by promoting the MyFreeCams affiliate program, which is offered through CrakRevenue. CrakRevenue is an affiliate network which hosts a wide range of camming-related advertisers and offers, including many of the big-box sites. CrakRevenue is the only affiliate network that supports MyFreeCams. Here’s all the details on the MFC affiliate program.


Earn A Revshare Or Pay-Per-Lead (PPL)

There are two different programs offered by CrakRevenue. You can either earn a very generous 20% lifetime revshare, or earn up to $2.50 pay-per-lead (PPL). Wtih the PPL program, affiliates earn the commission for each new confirmed signup on the site.

CrakRevenue MyFreeCams Offers

It’s highly recommended that affiliates go with the revshare agreement. There is more money in it in the long-run. It’s also important to note that if your traffic isn’t performing, you’ll get booted from a PPL program. If your traffic is performing, than it would make more sense to go with revshare from the beginning.


Affiliate Program Is Semi-Exclusive (Have To Be Approved)

The affiliate program (both revshare and PPL) is semi-exclusive. Webmasters will have to apply for the program and get manually approved before being able to promote any of the offers. This is to ensure that the traffic is going to be sent from good and legitimate sources. While awaiting approval, there are other camming offers that are open for promotion.


Promotional Tools Available For Affiliates

CrakRevenue provides a number of different tools for affiliates promoting the MyFreeCams affiliate program. All the artwork is well designed by their expert team for maximum click-through rate. Here’s the promo tools available:


Banner Ads

CrakRevenue has some beautifully designed gif banners for affiliates to use. These animated gifs are designed for the highest click-through rates and come in almost every finish-size imaginable. Tons of different girls to choose from for each banner size.



CrakRevenue also offers a pop-under code for affiliates to use. Pop-unders are great, as they don’t require the visitors to click any ads in order to have the offer opened in another window. Simply paste the code snippet into your website or blog and the pop-under will trigger automatically.


Multiple Landing Pages Available

There are tons of different landing pages available to choose from. These include responsive landing pages optimized for mobile, as well as landing pages optimized for desktop. If you wish to link directly to a performer’s chatroom, that is also possible through the deep-linking explained below.


Deep-Linking To Performer Pages

The MyFreeCams affiliate program supports deep-model linking. This means you can send traffic directly to the performer chatroom/profile. In order to do this, add &model= with the camgirl’s name after the ‘=’. Be sure to test the links first to make sure they’re setup properly. If you hit the chat/profile page, you’re good to go.


Payout Information: Methods, Min Payouts and Schedules

CrakRevenue pays out affiliates twice a month. Payments are made on the 1st and 15th of each month. Payments are made in USD. The minimum payouts is $100 for all cashout methods besides wire, and $500 for wire transfers.


Supported Payout Methods:


MyFreeCams “Bring A Friend” Vs Affiliate Program

In addition to the affiliate program, there’s also the MyFreeCams Bring A Friend program. This program is internal to MyFreeCams and allows premium members to earn tokens by referring other members. When a friend is referred to MyFreeCams, the referrer earns 20 tokens. When the referral makes their first purchase, an additional 200 tokens are awarded.

MyFreeCams states that the Bring A Friend program is not “Officially Supported” and not to be taken seriously. Just a way to earn some extra tokens. If you want to take referral seriously, it’s suggested to register with CrakRevenue. The revshare program is much more profitable than the Bring A Friend program, as well.


MyFreeCam’s Mysterious In-House Affiliate Program

MyFreeCams also has a mysterious in-house affiliate program that they don’t even acknowledge as existing. The login area for affiliates can be found on a sub-domain of their main website. You also see various banner ads floating around the internet with tracking parameters different than CrakRevenue’s and the Bring A Friend program. What are the conditions of their in-house affiliate program, and how does one join? The world may never know.


Start Promoting The MyFreeCams Affiliate Program

Ready to get started promoting the MyFreeCams affiliate program? Signup today! The registration process is quick and easy and you can get started in no time. In addition to promoting MyFreeCams, also get paid promoting the other camming offers in the CrakRevenue network. CrakRevenue gives affiliates all the tools they need to be successful promoting a wide range of offers.


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