Muscle Fetish Information For Camgirls / Clip Producers

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Muscle Fetish Tips For Adult Performers

As a content and clip producer, it pays to experiment with new subjects now and again. My latest experiment has definitely paid off for me and I wanted to share a little bit about the my newest favorite subject which is muscle fetish.


What Is the Muscle Fetish?

Muscle fetish is the fetish of… muscles! It can be catered to in a variety of ways and incorporate all types of muscles. I’ll first talk a bit about my own experience creating content for female muscle fetish. Most of my clips have fallen into the muscle worship/muscle domination category, and specifically biceps (because I’ve got the guns). I have produced content where I show off my muscles, flex them, oil them up, perform jerk off instruction while they admire my strong muscles.  These are POV videos where I speak directly to the viewer seductively about how much he loves how strong I am while I show off my muscular body to him. I often include a cum countdown in them. After my first bicep clip I realized that this was going to be a successful niche for me and I have continued on since.


Oiling / Flexing  / Martial Arts / Wrestling

Oiling and flexing are very popular and very much enjoyed by people who seek out muscle fetish and worship clips. Martial arts and wrestling are also much loved themes that muscle fetish can be combined with. Workouts and weight lifting are options as well.


Combining Muscle Fetish With Other Fetishes

You can combine muscle fetish with many other themes such as financial domination where the viewer can’t help but give up all of their money because the strong goddess makes them completely weak, superheroine or other costume themes (I even dressed up as a marine and humiliated someone that was too weak to enlist). The sexy strong homewrecker that steals husbands by flexing her biceps.


Props To Use With Muscle Fetish Clips

Some great props and things to have on hand for muscle fetish clips and cam shows are oil, workout clothing (especially yoga pants), workout equipment (small hand weights are simple and take up little space), ninja props for martial arts themes, and flexible tape measure to measure your muscles (and make fun of small penises while you’re at it).


Recording Workout Clips At The Gym

If you’re super adventurous you can even record yourself at the gym! As long as you don’t get any non-porn bystanders in your filming, which would violate 2257 laws.


Have Fun With The Muscle Fetish!

I hope this article has not only helped you with muscle fetish specifically, but also inspired you to try new fetishes that you never have, because you never know which one might surprisingly hit it off for you. My first bicep clip I did on a whim, and it has proven to be a consistent selling niche for me. Good luck!


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